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WWE Smackdown video preview and spoilers for the show to air Nov. 25

Survivor Series! Overall, a pretty fun show. The very end was meh but just about everything worked for me. Hell, even the Diva's Championship match had at least one cool moment.

On the Smackdown side, you had the five on five traditional elimination-style tag team match end with "Team Barrett" coming out on top. Both Barrett and Cody Rhodes ended up surviving by pinning Randy Orton. "Team Orton" hit a patch of bad luck when high flyer Sin Cara busted his knee up and had to leave the match.

In the World Heavyweight Championship match, The Big Show hit a freaking elbow drop off the top rope --  A FREAKING ELBOW DROP OFF THE TOP ROPE -- and won the match but walked away without the title. That's because Henry blatantly low blow his opponent to end the match but hold onto the strap. The Big Show got his revenge by shattering Henry's ankle exactly how the champ had done to him several months ago.

The November tradition is the books and the shockwaves will definitely be felt throughout the WWE Universe. Here's a spoiler free video straight from the horse's mouth to give you a taste of what you can expect Friday on Smackdown.

Now if you can't wait until then, we've got spoilers -- courtesy of PWI (visit this site at your own risk, it is up to its eyeballs with spyware and other nasty stuff) -- after the jump!

Mark Henry starts off the show, showing the effects of The Big Show's attack this past Sunday. He's on crutches but says he'll continue to wrestle, injured or not. Big Show comes out and basically tells him that payback is a female dog before knocking out him out. Daniel Bryan comes out, cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase and WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!

Er ... wait. Teddy Long comes out to ruin everything and says that the match will not stand since Henry isn't medically cleared. Instead, he makes a four way match to decide the number one contender. The winner will face the champ on next week's live Smackdown. Competing are Bryan, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett.

Hunico defeats Justin Gabriel.

Diva's Champion Beth Phoenix  & Natalya defeat AJ and Kaitlyn when Nattie Neidhart makes AJ tap once again with a Sharpshooter. The Divas of Doom beatdown but Alicia Fox who was out on commentary makes the save.

Backstage promo with Zack Ryder playing the new WWE '12 video game. He and Sheamus have some jovial back and forth.

Teddy Long and Mark Henry have a backstage segment where Henry is all bent about having to wrestle next week. "Holla, holla, holla ... now it's a steel cage match, playa," I assume Long replies.

Sheamus and Zach Ryder defeat Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler when Ryder pinned the United States champion. Nice, decently long match from what is said.

Backstage segment where AJ is all, "DB, why didn't you help me out there?" Bryan is all, "Woman, I got more important stuff to worry about." Then Barrett shows up and is all, "I'm taller than you and also British. What I lack in dental hygiene I make up for in sharp, biting wit."

Ted DiBiase defeats Heath Slater in a match that didn't get the crowd going at all. Jinder Mahal shows up the TitanTron speaking Punjabi. He says the DiBiase turned his back on his rich daddy and apparently is upset about that.

And in the main event, Daniel Bryan becomes the number one contender when he makes the Intercontinental Champion tap. Rhodes gets a measure of revenge by beating Bryan down after the match but Orton makes the save.


So ... Daniel Bryan is a major part of Smackdown now and CM Punk is the WWE Champion on Raw. I feel like Ring of Honor fans are living out either their wildest fantasy or most horrible nightmare from 2003.

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