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Cageside Quote: Randy Orton is over the bitterness of The Rock being back

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WWE superstar Randy Orton recently did an interview with our pals over at and had this to say about The Rock's return to the company:

"As far as The Rock and myself are concerned, you know I'd love to see that, are you kidding me? That's huge. Right now, the WWE Universe is geared to see Rock/Cena at Wrestlemania 28. And to be honest, I caught a little bit of the buzz too. We all want to see it. The crowd is ecstatic. When he comes out, there's nothing quite like it, it really is. Sure, I hate that the guy is back. I wish I was in his spot working with Cena at WrestleMania 28. Yea, I'm happy that Rock's back. I'm over the bitterness (laughs) so to speak with him being back saying he never left and all that BS."

A match between Rock and Orton would absolutely be a thousand times better than the coming match between Rock and Cena, if only considering workrate. It wouldn't come close to the same hype, though.

And maybe that's why Orton is holding a bit of a grudge, though he jokingly says he's over it. It's not like this is an unpopular opinion amongst the superstars in WWE. Every one of them seems to have an issue with the way "The Great One" has come back, sporadically taking over entire shows or pay-per-views at his or the WWE's whim.

This is an especially tough pill to swallow for superstars like Punk (see this article) and Orton, who are at the top of the food chain ... until Rock shows up.

Sure, Orton kept the conversation light but one can't help but wonder just how much it bothers him that he gets pushed to the side and damn near becomes an afterthought whenever Mr. Hollywood shows up on the scene.

My guess? A lot more than he wants to let on.

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