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Kane return promo from WWE Raw last night (Nov. 21)

Last night (Nov. 21), WWE got all cryptic with a link to a video on YouTube that was a tease for a big return on the Jan. 2, 2012, edition of Raw. Speculation is running rampant as to who exactly it is that's returning with the leading candidates being the most obvious -- Kane or Undertaker.

Later in the night, however, the video above was aired coming back from a commercial break. It's quite obviously Kane, but they make no mention of the planned return date. So either they spoiled the return and the date and we can expect a few more vignettes to build to it or two separate superstars are about to make their return.

Undertaker is still the obvious choice for Jan. 2 if this Kane promo has no attachment to the previous video, which can be viewed by clicking here.


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