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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Cactus Jack defeats Terry Funk to become King of the Death Match

They look so happy (read: crazy) here ...
They look so happy (read: crazy) here ...

When I was in high school, I was really big into punk rock. Bad Religion, The Vandals, Anti-Flag ... all of that stuff was at the top of my playlist. I listened to it non-stop.

As I grew up, my tastes broadened and I didn't listen to as much punk as I had during those four years. I still had some mainstays but a lot of it fell to the wayside. Every once and a while, I will bust out an old favorite, something I never listen to anymore -- like MxPx -- and get all nostalgic and whatnot. 

What's what's funny to me, though, even though I don't like the type of music a band like MxPx plays anymore, I can still go back and enjoy an album I rocked out to in my youth without any problem.

It's sort of like that with garbage wrestling. I'll be the first to admit: garbage wrestling and death matches aren't for everyone. In fact, they're not even for me ... not anymore. But when my formative years as a wrestling fans, when I really began to expand my horizons, I really enjoyed it.

I don't care to watch CZW's Tournament of Death now but I can still watch stuff like IWA's King of the Death Match tournament from 1995.

Here's the finals between Cactus Jack and Terry Funk as recommended by Cagesider Jonathan Loesche.

How does everyone else feel about this? Used to enjoy it but don't anymore like me? Used to enjoy it and still do? Didn't ever enjoy it, possibly?


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