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WWE Raw results and live blog for Nov. 21: Survivor Series fallout

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WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow is War in the War Zone comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 21, 2011) from the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

And Triple H is officially advertised as returning. Yes, "The Game" is coming back and he's got a bone to pick with Kevin Nash. TLC implications? You got it.

CM Punk won the WWE championship from Alberto Del Rio last night at Survivor Series. We already know, or at least that's what we've been told, these two will rematch at TLC next month, so expect that to continue.

Just don't expect The Rock to show up, even though he tore the house down at Madison Square Garden last night. John Cena, of course, will undoubtedly be back with plenty to say about the Rock Bottom he was on the business end of to finish the pay-per-view. That should be fun.

Oh and Jonah Hill is guest starring.

The festivities kick off at 9 p.m. ET on USA, folks. So come on back and join your friends here at Cageside Seats to watch the show. It's always a good time.


Geno here. Broadcast is live.

Michael Cole tells us Survivor Series was controversial last night. How exactly is that? Booker T is also on commentary. Angle?

CM Punk is out first, introduced as the new WWE champion. Time to put up or shut up, Punkster. After all that talk about "making WWE interesting again," you better come through.

He wants to tell us a story.

Back in first grade, his teacher asked what everyone wanted to be when they got all growed up. Punk wanted to be a professional wrestler. Notice, he didn't say sports entertainer, he said professional wrestler.

Winning the belt at Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden was really special to him, mostly because he did it on his terms. Which is mostly true. He says the game of "hot potato" is over now that he's got the belt. The strap is with "The Best in the World" and it's going to stay there.

We'll see.

He says he knows there are a lot of people in high places that don't like it but the fact is, he's the new face of the WWE.

Uh-oh, he's sitting Indian style now.

Once again he brings up being interesting again. He's going to bring a little danger into the title picture. He's going to be an "agent of change." What he wants to change the most, though, is John Laurinaitis no longer being the Interim Raw General Manager.

Cue the Funkman.

He comes out and says there's no reason they can't co-exist. They both just want what's best, you see. Laurinaitis says he doesn't understand why Punk has an issue with him.

Punk fires back -- "I legitimately couldn't hear a word of what you're saying."

We're back to Punk shooting. Says he doesn't like it that they refer to the WWE fans as the "WWE Universe." Says Johnny Ace is like Lumberg from Office Space. Ha. That's good. Punk goes so far as to call him a douche.

Laurinaitis says he can be as creative and dynamic as Punk. And he'll prove it. How?

By booking Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio ... for next week!


Punk asks why not tonight and Laurinaitis reveals he's got other plans for him. Instead of Del Rio, Punk will take on Dolph Ziggler in a champion vs. champion match.

Punk -- "That's just stupid."

Says the WWE fans don't want Punk vs. Ziggler. They want Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder.

Laurinaitis says that's too bad because Ryder is busy tonight against Del Rio. Then says Ryder can't beat Ziggler, and neither can Punk.

Punk gets out of the ring and walks up to the ramp. Declares that he'll beat Ziggler tonight and Del Rio next week but it won't be long before someone -- no one in particular, mind you -- beats some sense into Laurinatitis.

He then feints at Johnny Ace but the Funkman doesn't even flinch.


Laurinaitis texts someone as Punk walks out. Where the hell is that gimmick going?

They show a clip of Rock's promo after Survivor Series last night where he put over Ryder, who appears to be getting himself a big push now. Sure enough, here he is for his match against ADR.

Commercial break.

Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio -- This is a big match for Ryder to get, even if he jobs in a few minutes, which I fully expect him to. Ryder actually grabs the mic from Ricardo Rodriguez before he can finish announcing Del Rio in and does the "woo, woo, woo" schtick.

Del Rio kicks it off by pounding on Ryder a bit before Zack makes his comeback. Booker T tells us we gotta give it to Ryder -- not only is he an Internet geek, he's actually got skills in the ring.

Ryder gets his big kick in the corner spot but Del Rio counters when he tries the Rough Ryder right after and gets the Cross Armbreaker for the win. That was a quick job but it went better for Ryder than I thought it would.

Quick snapshot of Rock nailing John Cena with the Rock Bottom before showing Sheamus walking through the back.

Commercial break.

Here comes the "Great White." Is that not the worst nickname ever? I mean, the guy is white as Casper and they call him the "Great White." It would be like calling Mark Henry "Big Black." Or something involving "Chocolate."


Anyway, Job Swagger is his opponent.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger -- They make it a brawl early with Jack getting the edge in the beginning before Sheamus comes back strong. These two are working tough with each other. Swagger applies one of the dumbest looking holds I've ever seen. Memo to pro wrestlers -- don't use a hold that doesn't look like it would actually hurt if you were really going for it. It's a bad look.

Sheamus counters out finally and goes to the top rope for the flying shoulder block. Misses and when he gets up and turns around, misses the Brogue Kick. Swagger knocks him down, picks up his leg and turns over on it like he's going for the figure four but suddenly changes his mind and applies the Ankle Lock.

Sheamus gets out, Brogue Kick part deux actually hits and 1-2-3, it's over.

Horrible match.

Uh-oh, Nash is in the building. We know this because they show him walking through the back with a menacing look on his face. He's grown his beard out in full. He's up next, too.

Commercial break.

Video plays to remind us what happened when Nash attacked Triple H last month.

"Does he have a pulse?" Still good.

The nWo music hits and Nash doesn't even bother to walk all the way to the ring. Just stops at the ramp.

Oh, god, he's already botching lines. Says he sat at Madisonndfoh Square Garden last night and thought of what could have been. He won the title from Bob Backlund in that arena and the infamous curtain call went down there, too.

Nash tells us Triple H is gone with a broken neck and he's the one who gets the credit for it. Survivor Series may be gone but one thing is crystal clear, the real Survivor of The Kliq is right here.

Not bad. Good intensity but he was botchy at the start.

Where's "Trips," though? He was advertised and apparently in the building. Huh.

John Cena is here, however, and he will address what happened at the pay-per-view last night.

Commercial break.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring talking about shame and being vulnerable to predators, like Randy Orton. But the constraints have been removed, he says. He's unmasked now. And referring to himself in the third person. He's still doing the goofy evil voice and laugh. Man, that was a horrible pre-match promo.

Santino Marella out to save the day.

Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella -- Rhodes hits a few punches on Marella, Santino holds the ropes so Rhodes can bump, Santino calls for the Cobra, Rhodes blocks and hits the Cross Rhodes for the pin.

Rhodes comes out to ringside and starts talking on Booker T. Even goes so far as to toss water in his face before walking off. There's the angle we've been waiting on.

Backstage interview with Dolph Ziggler.

Says he's the only guy who won two matches at Survivor Series last night. Matthews calmly points out that he was the first guy eliminated in the traditional elimination match but Vickie cuts him off and tells Matthews he was on the winning team, so that's a win.

He goes on to say sorry, Punk, but Ziggler is the new face of the WWE.

This man oozes excellence.

Commercial break.

Ziggler comes out to new music. "I am perfection" is gone, replaced by more "edgy" rock. The music sucks but I hope it means he's in for a big push.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler -- Getting a lot of rest holds to start this match, which makes a ton of sense for two guys who can really go. And by a ton, I mean none. Ziggler has "#HEEL" written on the back of his trunks. That's a Twitter reference, by the way. In his case, not so bad.

Finally, they run the ropes a bit, resulting in Ziggler leaving to the outside for a breather. Leg kicks from Punk when he gets back in. Ziggler takes control. Hits a jumping elbow from standing before working a sleeper.

Punk teases the comeback but Ziggler snuffs it out. Neckbreaker from Dolph leads to a counter and quick pinfall attempt that fails. Ziggler works a crossface before Punk battles out.

Vickie gets up on the apron and blows Punk a kiss. This leads to nothing, as he continues taking it to Ziggler, sending him to the corner for his knee to bulldog spot. Ziggler moves, though, and Punk goes crashing to the outside.

Inside the ring, Ziggler stands on his head and mock runs. Awesome.

Commercial break.

Back and they're trading shots leading to a swinging neckbreaker from Punk. The pace has picked up big and the crowd is into it, which they weren't during the slow rolling beginning. Punk looks for the GTS but Ziggler counters by riding his back and locking in the sleeper.

Punk manages to pick Ziggler up and tries again to hit the GTS but Ziggler rolls him up. He uses his legs on the ropes to help him and the ref stops after two when he sees it. Same thing a minute later with Punk.

Knee in the corner into the bulldog gets a two count.

This went from being boring to utterly amazing. God, Ziggler can work.

Scoop slam from Punk to set up for the flying elbow drop. RIP Macho Man.

Ziggler rolls out of the way and hits a big drop kick when Punk comes over. Ensuing pinfall only gets two, though. Dolph sets Punk up on the top rope and looks for the superplex. Punk battles out and oh look, they're back in position for the flying elbow drop.


Punk gets up and calls for the GTS. Picks Ziggler up but gets reversed into an awesome looking front face slam that only gets two. This is what I love about Punk. If this was Cena, it would be hugely in his favor, then he sells for a minute, then squashes.

Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but gets countered and Punk finally gets the GTS for the pin.

That was a three and a half star match on Raw, folks. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Commercial break.

A promo airs before they come back showing Kane breaking shit. We know it was Kane because it showed his mask burning right at the end.

Maybe he's the one coming back on Jan. 2?

Weeeeellllllllll, it's the Big Show.

I wonder if this babyface is remorseful for jacking up Mark Henry's ankle last night? Probably not. Show says he proved that he was stronger, tougher and better than "The World's Strongest Man."

"Face it, Mark. When you realized that world heavyweight championship was slipping away from you, you took the easy way out and you kicked me in the groin."


Show says Henry may have left with the title but he got carted out thanks to the leg drop. Show says maybe Henry's leg isn't broken and that's cool. But when he comes back, Show has something waiting for him. He holds up his fist, the WMD, as it were.

Meh. Ready to move on from that one.

The Diva's are in the back playing WWE '12. Stupid promo that no one cares about.

Still plugging Cena addressing last night tonight.

Commercial break.

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston -- It's funny as hell how Kingston still comes out with his tag team championship belt. Like it's anything more than a prop right now.

Gotta admit, I missed a bit of this match but did see Randy Orton come out to the ring, which Cole told me allowed Kingston to get back into the match.

Commercial break.

We're back and Barrett is in control. Orton, though, is sitting in a chair next to the announce table. Why not give him a headset and let him commentate?

Barrett keeps working Kofi over. He's just beating the hell out of him now. Big boot through the ropes. Some slow spots lead to Kingston making a comeback and hitting a suicide dive. Rolls Barrett back into the ring for a two count.

Kofi heads to the top rope but Barrett gets to him before he can do anything. Looks like he's setting up for the Wasteland but Kingston battles out to hit the crossbody. Follows it up with the "boot drop," as Booker called it.

None of it matters, as Barrett lays waste to Kingston with his finisher and there's the pin.

Orton gets up slowly and walks off while staring at Barrett. Before he can get to the back, Barrett takes a mic and reminds him he just won the match. Oh, good one, Wade.

The fans start chanting for an RKO. Orton turns around quickly and Barrett flinches like a chump.

I guess the main event is going to be a John Cena promo. Oh goodie.

Here he comes, walking through the back looking constipated. Oh, that's right, he always looks like that.

Commercial break.

And here's Cena. Mixed reaction, as usual. He says it's been a very interesting 24 hours. Pushes Zack Ryder and tells the world to follow him on Twitter. Punk is the new WWE champion, congrats on that, by the way. Then it's time to get to the tag match from last night.

Cena says it was truly magical. Admits to Rock receiving an ovation like he had never heard before after a seven year absence.

"For me, business as usual."

You got that right.

Cena says he loves it.

Yeah, right.

Now Cena is running down the play-by-play of what happened last night. They won the match but Rock wouldn't let Cena leave. Before he knew it, wham bam, Rock Bottom.

The crowd chants Boots to Asses. That will get old, fast.

Cena says Rock proved last night that he never lost it, which is true. And because of that, WrestleMania 28 will be exactly what it needs to be. The two biggest....


Enter Miz and R-Truth.

"Really? Really, Cena? Really?"

Such great but simple schtick.

Miz tells Cena it's sad that he won't even admit to how badly Rock showed him up last night. Says he's always saying, "you can't see me. well, last night, no one wanted to see you."

That was great.

Truth's turn. Says WrestleMania is going to be The Rock putting his boot to Cena's ass all over Miami. CeNation is going to turn into "See ya later, Nation."


Cena tells Miz he'll knock the make up off his face and hit his veneers down his throat. Then gets kind of racist on Truth. Goes back to saying all eyes are on Rock vs. Cena at 'Mania.

Holy shit, Cena is BURYING these two. "Nobody cares about you guys. You guys are trying to prove you're legitimate threats and you're not."

Now Cena is turning the two against each other. My humble little fingers can't keep up with how badly this man is killing these two. He just bombed both of them and left after turning them against each other. His music plays him out as he walks away.

Miz and Truth are left in the ring and they start arguing.

Miz pushes Truth, who punches him in retaliation. Miz tells him to calm down and it's just Cena trying to play them. "Let's go get him," he says. So they take their jackets off and go to do just that but Miz stops Truth with the Skull Crushing Finale right at the top of the entrance ramp.

Fade to black.

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