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WWE Survivor Series results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Nov. 20) from New York

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WWE Survivor Series is all set to pop off tonight, Nov. 20, 2011, from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Survivor Series below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature The Rock making his big return to wrestling, as he'll team up with John Cena for a tag match against The Miz and R-Truth. Also on the card, CM Punk challenges Alberto Del Rio for  the WWE championship while Big Show challenges Mark Henry for his world heavyweight title.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website! And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


The Rock and John Cena def. The Miz and R-Truth
CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio
Big Show def. Mark Henry via disqualification
Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison to retain the United States Championship
Beth Phoenix def. Eve to retain the Diva's Championship
Team Barrett def. Team Orton

Geno here. Let's do this thing tonight.

It's showtime, folks. Broadcast is live.

They kick off with a promo putting over how historic Survivor Series is. Won't argue with that point. I wonder how many pay-per-view buys The Rock is worth today. Maybe 50,000 extra?

As usual, outstanding production from WWE on the opening promo.

Michael Cole starts speaking and already I wish my ears didn't function properly. Booker T and Jerry Lawler join him for the broadcast.

Out first is John Laurinaitis. He's the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, you know. In case you didn't hear him the first three thousand times. He cuts a dumb promo and walks out.

United States championship will be defended first.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison -- Dolph opens the match slapping Morrison around ... literally. This man is awesome. The crowd starts chanting for Zack Ryder. I'm sure Morrison loves that. They go back and forth and Ziggler hits a beautiful drop kick. They chain wrestle a bit but Morrison hits a dive on the outside.

This leads to some yelling from Vickie Guerrero to distract him and Ziggler uses that to get a neckbreaker on John's way back in. Two count.

The crowd is seriously adamant with how much they want Ryder. Loud as hell. The benefit of holding an event at the Garden. Smart fans that know they have no reason to give a crap about Morrison. Ziggler is solid but Morrison has no business being in the ring with him. And that's not personal preference, that's the booking for the past six months.

They start pushing Twitter big time with graphics showing Morrison and Survivor Series are both trending on Twitter. Yawn.

Morrison gets some offense in -- finally -- and the crowd reacts by booing. I love New York fans.

As soon as we get to a rest spot the Ryder chants start up again. Neckbreaker from Morrison and he gets a two count on it. Booker T says he needs to hook the second leg because if he did, he could have got the three count.

Love it.

Springboard off the rope for a big head kick only gets two for Morrison. Ziggler counters Morrison shortly after for a sleeper, which Morrison reverses into a sleeper of his own.

Ugh. They do the spot with Vickie helping Ziggler by putting his foot on the rope and the ref kicks her out.

Why not just do that first? Does she not have a track record of inserting herself into matches? Whatever. Just seems like a massive waste of time.

They start trading near falls. Pace picks up enough to drown out the Ryder chants and this is actually turning into a decent match. Just as I say that, the Ryder chants start back up. What are the chances Ryder comes out after Morrison loses and reveals that he got the required signatures for his petition and wins the title?

Ziggler gets the Zig-Zag and the pinfall after Morrison misses the Starship Pain.

Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison to retain the United States Championship

Vickie comes running back out and Ziggler gets the mic. He starts putting himself over as saying he's just this good. He's no show off, he's just great. I agree. "I wouldn't want to follow that, huh?"

Ryder's music hits and he comes rushing out to attack. Quickly gets chumped, though. Holy shit, this crowd is HOT for Ryder. He does the woo, woo, woo spot and the crowd is 100-percent behind him.

Ziggler just leaves. My fantasy booking was better.

The women are coming out and I don't want to sound rude here but I'm taking this opportunity to make my dinner.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve -- From what I saw, these two actually had a really fun match that culminated in Phoenix hitting the Glam Slam from the fuggin' top rope! Eve sold it like a god, too. That was actually awesome.

Beth Phoenix def. Eve to retain the Diva's championship

Punk in the back is greeted by David Otunga. He says Laurinaitis wants Punk to apologize to Michael Cole before his match tonight. Punk says he'll think about it after he wins the title tonight. Utterly pointless.

Cut to The Rock and he's got a mic in hand. Crowd goes apeshit and starts chanting.

Rock's promo is a timeline of events. He starts with his grandfather and to his dad and himself. He's basically telling us his biography. Entertaining, though.

Tells Miz and R-Truth it's as simple as this -- "Boots to asses."

Now it's on to John Cena. Says he's got 17,000 strong and they're going to shoot a lightning bolt right up his ugly lady parts. So the crowd starts chanting "lady parts."

He keeps going and going and going. He's actually singing now. Good lord, I think they just wanted to kill time and gave him a mic. This is what it's broken down to.

Never thought I'd say this but, uh ... wrap it up, Rock.

Crowd was insane the whole way. We smell what you're cooking, Rock. A long-winded promo that I couldn't wait to get to the end of.

Traditional Survivor Series match time.

Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston and Mason Ryan vs. Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Hunico and Cody Rhodes) -- This is actually a fairly even match in terms of workrate and a ton of other parameters. Ziggler starts off with Kingston. Way to give him a rest, Team Barrett. He still outworks Kofi.

Orton comes in and quickly hits an RKO on Ziggler. Literally takes five seconds to drag him over across the ring and then gets the pinfall. That's one way to go.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated.

Strategy meeting on the outside for Team Barrett. Which is just an easy way to get everyone going after each other. The babyfaces take over the ring and start sending the heels out. Sin Cara does a spot to the outside and he's selling like he legitimately hurt his knee. The replay shows that to be bullshit and Cara just botched the spot.

The crowd actually starts chanting for Ryder again. They're taking forever to get the match going again while some folks attend to Cara on the outside.

Orton and Rhodes in now. Orton quickly tags in Mason Ryan and he starts working the Intercontinental champion. I got up to use the bathroom and suddenly it's Barrett and Kingston in the ring, Barrett in control. Some moving parts and before long Ryan is killing Hunico, tossing him around like he's a rag doll.

Rhodes makes a surprise tag and comes in out of nowhere with a springboard kick and the Cross Rhodes for the pinfall.

Mason Ryan has been eliminated.

Sheamus gets in next and he takes control. I missed some action and Kofi is in the ring with Barrett and actually getting the better of him. That is until he gets clotheslined through the ropes and picked up for the Wasteland.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated.

It's a four to two advantage for Team Barrett. Thing is, Team Orton has Randall and Sheamus. Hunico comes in and hits  a suicide dive on Orton. Booker calls it a "suicide mission."

Keep on keeping on, Booker.

Swagger tags in and he's smashing Orton now. I guess it's time to go with the traditional tag match set up. The heels trade off beating on the babyface until the hot tag. Now it's Rhodes in there beating down Orton. 

And Randy breaks a sleeper hold with a headbutt. No lie.

He makes up for it by sending Rhodes flying through the air on a counter to a bulldog. Cool spot.

The hot tag happens and it's Sheamus blowing the babyfaces up like it ain't no thang. He literally takes everyone out and starts dominating Jack Swagger so hard the ref disqualifies him. He's pissed off but you gotta follow the refs rules and all that.

Sheamus has been eliminated.

He kills Swagger with a Brogue Kick before leaving.

Orton climbs in the ring and pins Swagger to get him out.

Jack Swagger has been eliminated.

It's three on one now and I guess we're going to see Orton go Super-Cena and get over big here at the expense of Hunico (who cares), Barrett (not getting a big push anyway) and Rhodes (he's the fuggin' Intercontinental champ, for fug's sake).

He makes his comeback on Rhodes with the DDT off the ropes. Calling for the RKO now. Hunico tags in behind Orton's back and tries a springboard off the top rope. Which leads to an RKO in mid-air. 1-2-3.

Hunico has been eliminated.

Barrett comes in and gets a backbreaker from Orton. Rhodes tries to attack but eats an RKO. Barrett takes advantage with the Wasteland and actually gets the pinfall. Wow.

Randy Orton has been eliminated.

Team Barrett def. Team Orton with Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes as the two sole survivors.

Cut to the back and Alberto Del Rio gets his first screen time. Laurinaitis shows up and says he wants to make sure Del Rio is taking this match seriously tonight. "ADR" assures him that he is. Says there's no way he's losing his belt to someone "who should be sleeping on the sideway on Wall Street."


Up next is the world heavyweight title match.

They have a crew out to the ring and Cole tells us they're "reinforcing the ring" for this match to make sure it doesn't break like it did at Vengeance.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show -- Henry actually gets a strong reaction from the crowd. A lot of people cheering for him. Show, too, but the love for Henry is surprising. Smart crowds are great.

Test of strength time and Show wins the first battle after they locked up. Henry wins the second. Show has his hands taped up. I don't remember seeing him do that before. It's a good look for him. The crowd is chanting something but I can't tell what. "Let's go __."

They lock up again and it's time to work a super slow paced match.

They chant some more and I think they're saying, "We want Rock."

HA. Show hits an armdrag on Henry. Seriously. That was epic.

There have been all of three moves in this match and Show is sweating like he's in a sauna. Henry goes to the knee after Show ran the ropes and now he's working it over. And working. And working.

And working some more.

Show counters out, finally, with a kick to Henry's head and the crowd starts chanting "boring!"

Can't say I disagree. They're blowing this one. Now the crowd is chanting for Daniel Bryan, who Cole tells us isn't here because of what Henry did to him on Friday.

After some offense from Show, he signals for the choke slam. Henry counters and hits the World's Strongest Slam. Show kicks out, though. No build to that, at all. Henry hits a splash for another two count. Now a jumping elbow for two.

I think the crowd is chanting for Undertaker now. Seriously, they're just thinking up different shit to chant and going with it.

They get the crowd back in it by having Henry run through Show and the barricade on the outside. Henry climbs back in the ring and the ref starts the 10 count. Show makes it back in the ring, though.

This is a horrible big man match. It should be noted that Show is no longer selling the knee. Hits a superkick and leaves Henry laying in the middle of the ring. He's headed for the top rope now.

This can't be good.

It takes the big guy about 10 minutes to get himself up to the top rope but he finally gets up there and hits an elbow drop. He goes for the WMD after but Henry moves out of the way and kicks him in the nuts. Show wins via disqualification but Henry keeps the title.

Big Show def. Mark Henry via disqualification.

Henry gets a chair after the match ends and screams at Show that he's "going on a long ride." Henry sets up for the spot to crush Show's ankle again but Show moves out of the way and completely stops selling long enough to hit the WMD.

Show turns the tables and sets up the chair on Henry's ankle. Hits a big leg drop and Henry is selling like he's been shot.

Cut to Barrett in the back and he gives an interview talking about the Barrett Barrage. Eh.

Miz and Truth interrupt and they're pissed about being afterthoughts. They want to know why they don't have their own billboards in Times Square and they they aren't on the side of buses riding through town.

"Remember, crap is crap. And tonight, crap is going to get got!"

Thanks, Awesome Truth, for wasting everyone's time.

WWE Championship match is up next.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk -- Before the match, Justin Roberts announces Punk has his own personal ring announcer. WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel. Nice touch. The crowd chants for him and he's eating it up. He's actually crying. Enough so that he barely got through announcing Punk for the match.

It's clobbering' time.

The crowd is super hot for Punk, even chanting, "we want ice cream." Punk uses a head lock to very obviously tell Rio what they're going to do next. Which is basically nothing.

By the way, because you really wanted to know, Alberto Del Rio, The Fink and CM Punk are trending worldwide!!


Punk works a few dropkicks and Del Rio escapes to the outside. Suicide dive. Crossbody off the top rope and gets a two count.

Del Rio finally gets control and starts working Punk's arm. They go back and forth for a while, both trading offense and exchanging big spots. Punk knocks Del Rio off the top rope and sets up for the flying elbow drop, the crowd absolutely loving it.

Del Rio knocks him off and racks the shit out of him on the ropes. That looked ugly. Didn't matter, though, because Punk eventually hit his spot and the crowd adoringly chanted for Randy Savage. Punk calls for the GTS while Del Rio sold for him but he gets countered into the Cross Armbreaker. Right in the middle of the ring.

The crowd chants his name while he fights to get his foot to the bottom rope. He gets there after a minute or so and it's rest time. Rodriguez inserts himself into the match but he gets knocked off and before you know it, Punk has Del Rio in the Anaconda Vice.


Punk jumps out into the crowd while The Fink announces Punk as the new champion.

CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Championship

Only one match left, folks.

The Rock and John Cena vs. The Miz and R-Truth -- Miz and Truth get no reaction, as expected. Cena gets the usual mix of boos and cheers. Tells the camera he's New York's favorite son and they love him there. "Get killed, John" does not mean "I love you, John," no matter how many times you tell yourself it does.

Crowd explodes when Cena's music goes off. HUGE POP for Rock's theme. This is awesome.

The "Rocky" chants are deafening.

Rock starts the match opposite The Miz. Holy shit this is great. He is jacked up. Rock works a headlock and Miz sends him to the ropes. Shoulder block to an armdrag. Truth comes in and he gets armdragged. Rock just punked both of them. Tossed 'em out.

Now he's turned on Cena and just looks at him like a boss.


Yes, New York, he most certainly does.

Truth comes in and Rock works a headlock on him now. Rock just bosses him in a way I can't even describe. Rock gets a suplex for a cover and the ref didn't count it because Cena had attacked Miz and distracted him. Rock isn't happy.

Know your role, John boy.

Miz wants back in now and tells Truth to tag him. He obliges. Miz tells Rock to tag Cena in. Rock says sure and bitch slaps his hand.

Cena in with a ridiculously goofy smile on his face. And the "you can't wrestle" chants are loud as all hell.

So he proceeds to throw a few moves, like a toss and a dropkick. Miz bails out to Truth. The crowd lets Cena know he still sucks.

Cena hits Truth with the five moves of doom. You can't see him and all that. Except he actually gives the signal to Rock, who calmly steps into the ring, allowing Truth to take advantage.

I wonder if Rock will take a single bump in this match.

Awesome Truth in complete control now. Truth has a scissors lock on Cena that looks super lame. The crowd just keeps saying they want Rocky. The match has slowed down considerably. Cena threatens Miz with an Attitude Adjustment but gets hit with a DDT. Miz does his bounce around dance before hitting the lariat in the corner.

God, he looks so cheesy with that schtick.

I'm shocked at how much offense Awesome Truth has been allowed to get in here. And how are they going to set up for a hot tag in THIS match? Let's see how they play this.

Booker T is calling Rock selfish. Ha.

Cena reaches out for Rock's hand to make the tag and Rock reaches back but Truth sends him all the way to the opposite corner. That makes sense, guys.

This is seriously weird how long they're having Awesome Truth stay in control. Miz actually starts taunting Rock while he's working over Cena. And he looks like a complete goof doing it.

Then, suddenly, Cena gets the STF on Miz. Truth makes the save, though. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Truth, though and doesn't cover.

Aren't those finishers? Lost art.

Cena drags himself over for a tag and Miz runs over to knock Rock off the apron. Truth comes over to clean up, hitting Rock a few times. Rock climbs in the ring trying to get to them both but the ref gets in the way, naturally.

That was a nice way to get the crowd back into the match but this thing is seriously plodding. These guys have to recognize it. 15 minutes left in the pay-per-view and they're taking their sweet time.

Cena finally gets the hot tag. Punches into a DDT from Rock. Rock Bottom on Truth. Sharpshooter on Miz. He's fighting it and no way does he tap. Truth finally comes in and hits Rock. Cena takes out Truth, brawling to the outside.

Miz gets up and starts pounding on Rock. Doesn't last long.


Here it comes.

People's Elbow time.

The cover get the three count and that's it.

The Rock and John Cena def. The Miz and R-Truth.

Rock celebrates in the ring and Cena claps on the outside while looking in. Raises his hands in salute.

Rock calls for the music to stop.

Cena walks back to the ring.

They jaw a bit. Someone in the crowd shouts, "We can't hear you!"

Was just thinking the same thing, guy.

Rock celebrates, cheers. Cena celebrates, boos.

Rock celebrates again, gets big cheers again. His music comes back on and I don't get the what point of this is.

Cena gets in his face now. Turns to walk away and Rock hits him with the Rock Bottom before spitting in his direction while he rolls out of the ring. Cena just stands up and holds his lower back while walking out. Rock looks pissed because that's the shittiest sell job on a Rock Bottom in the history of the move.

You've made history again, Cena.

Close up of Rock and it appeared as though he said, "you're a bitch ass little punk, you bitch."

More celebrating from Rock as he soaks up the love from the Madison Square Garden crowd.


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