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Matt Hardy arrested again after getting kicked out of WWE sponsored rehab

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Some people never learn.

There is no man on Earth that expression better personifies than former WWE superstar Matt Hardy. The once interesting high flyer -- who at one point was considered the better of the two Hardy Boyz with a seemingly brighter future than his brother Jeff -- has once again fallen off the wagon and landed himself in some hot water.

This time, though, he did so while at WWE sponsored rehab. If you remember (and I'm sure you were trying to forget, so I apologize for reminding you), Hardy announced back in late September that he was voluntarily entering rehab, though it was a condition of his probation. He did so with a tearful video that had many in the wrestling business hopeful that he was taking this seriously. He showed the kind of visceral emotion we hadn't seen from him in some time.

But, as it turns out, he joins the long list of former wrestlers who even rehab couldn't help. brings the details of Hardy failing out of the program:

Former wrestling champ Matt Hardy was kicked out of court-ordered rehab today for failing a breathalyzer test ... this according to multiple sources.


We're told the staff at the rehab got suspicious of Hardy's behavior on Friday and gave him a breathalyzer test on the spot ... which he failed. According to our sources, Hardy was adamant he wasn't drinking ... and said he only failed because he had "just used mouthwash."

Ah, the old "it was just mouthwash" defense. How utter and completely clueless do you have to be to try to pass that off as anything other than stupidly ridiculous?

TMZ later updated their report with the information that Hardy was arrested after landing in North Carolina and he was booked for a violation of a court order. Obviously, he's facing some jail time and the reality is, he needs it. Rehab didn't work, his friends aren't helping him and the wrestling business sure as hell isn't going to do anything to make him better. Maybe some time in lock up -- let's say a year -- would give him time to clean his act up.

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