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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): 'WWF No Mercy' hits the shelves and ruins my social life

Dig-diggity, dig-diggity dog!
Dig-diggity, dig-diggity dog!

Geno's post from yesterday about the new WWE '12 video and Cagersider marcbjr2's subsequent comment took me for a stroll down memory lane by way of video game avenue.

My pro wrestling-loving friends and I are huge -- HUGE -- fans of the only AKI wrestling video games. Starting my love affair with WCW/nWo Revenge, it has hold fast and true for nearly 15 years.

I remember when the first AKI game for the WWE -- WrestleMania 2000 -- was released, my friend and I drove all over town trying to find a Blockbuster -- what's that? -- that had it available for rent. We spent the better part of a day going from rental store to rental store with no luck.

We finally ended up getting to play it but by the time No Mercy came around, we weren't going to make the same mistake. Pre-ordered from EB Games, we had a copy waiting for us when he got out of school. We once played so much that my Nintendo 64 was temporarily overloaded and wouldn't turn on.

I even ended up buying the Japanese version of the game -- Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (VPW2) -- to satisfy my insatiable appetite. I truly believe that these games were the pinnacle of the genre and haven't bothered playing anything since. I play No Mercy and VPW2 to this day. In fact, myself and three friends are in the middle of a 64-man tournament we dubbed "Impossible Tournament II" with the Triple Crown Championship on the line. 

Is that weird?

Since there really isn't a video I can post for this moment, I went ahead and selected this random gem.

Booker T's and Sherri's reactions are priceless. "Mean" Gene Okerlund is a total professional, though.

But back to No Mercy ... does anyone else still play?


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