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TNA gets it right (kind of) by announcing Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles for Final Resolution

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Last night (Nov. 17) on Impact Wrestling, TNA did something they deserve a little credit for. They actually properly announced a pay-per-view main event a full three weeks before it's scheduled to take place.

I suppose it's a testament to how bad things can be with the company when they do something like this and it deserves attention by itself but I digress.

Bobby Roode will defend his TNA heavyweight championship in a rematch with AJ Styles on Dec. 11, 2011 at TNA Final Resolution. Except this time, it will be a 30-minute Iron Man match. As usual, the rematch deserves a stipulation, though I find it difficult to call a 30-minute match an "Iron Man."

That said, at least the company has the proper amount of time to promote the match, unlike at the last pay-per-view, Turning Point, when the main event wasn't announced until the final segment of the go-home show.

Baby steps.

The rest of the card has yet to be filled out, save for the Knockout's title match pitting Gail Kim vs. Mickie James. Now that, my dear Cagesiders, is a women's match I can get behind. Should be a good one.

Watch the video of the angle to set up the Roode vs. Styles rematch after the jump.

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