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Video: Zack Ryder's newest 'Z! True Long Island Story' hits the internet

The newest edition of "Z! True Long Island Story" has hit YouTube and Zack Ryder has quite the bone to pick.

Despite fan support, fellow Superstar support, and a petition backing him up, the "Long Island Broski" was denied a shot at Dolph Ziggler's United States Championship this Sunday (Nov. 20) at Survivor Series. Instead, John Morrison was selected to vie for the title.

Feeling like this decade's Bret Hart, Ryder has been addressing the brush off as the "Manhattan Screwjob" and laments that he attended both the 1996 and 2002 Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden as a fan and will have to do so again in 2011. 

Ryder confronts the "Prince of Parkour" and they settle the score in the most fitting way possible for two professional wrestlers: a dance off. I got to say, Morrison busts out some pretty sweet breakdancing moves. In particular, his "Worm" is pretty dang good.

Once Morrison is done with the WWE, he could definitely land a job as a backup dancer for "You Got Served 2: Electric Boogaloo." Or at the very least do an update on the Disco Inferno gimmick for TNA.

Plus a surprise appearance from the unlikeliest of people at the very end.


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