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Following Kevin Nash's return, can we expect X-Pac to show up on WWE TV next?

Is the band getting back together? -- Photo via <a href="">Wikipedia</a>
Is the band getting back together? -- Photo via Wikipedia

WWE launched their official YouTube channel a while back but only recently have begun to truly utilize it as a social media tool. They regularly add videos including snippets of the most recent RAW or Smackdown as well as older gems.

Taking a look at some of the videos that were uploaded today, I glanced over the seven available. A couple of clips from this week's NXT -- nothing out of the ordinary there. An old clip from WrestleMania XX with The Rock and Mick Foley -- again, nothing strange considering what happened this past Monday.

The others, however, caused a Rock-like eyebrow raise on my end. Sean Waltman -- more popularly known as X-Pac -- is featured in no less than four videos. Combined, they act as somewhat of a history lesson for his career with one highlighting an early match of his in the Dallas-based Global Wrestling Federation and another of his WWE debut against Razor Ramon. There's also a video of him during his WCW stint as Syxx and of course, a video of him as X-Pac is available to view as well.

This seems curious as Waltman isn't currently under WWE contract as a performer. While he has been working for the company by helping out with Florida Championship Wrestling -- a developmental territory of the company's -- a gig as an on-screen talent is something else entirely.

But With Kevin Nash having made his full-time return recently, it doesn't seem out of the question that we can expect another member of The Kliq inside a WWE ring in the near future. The writing is definitely on the wall but a few videos on YouTube doesn't guarantee anything.

Conspiracy theorists can also take into account this article from with Shawn Michaels and Waltman talking about the Triple H's and Nash's feud. They even go as far as to plug Waltman's personal (seemingly) non-WWE related Twitter account.

That being said, should X-Pac be a welcome addition?

I'm going to have to lean more towards "yes" on this one. 

Nash -- who I railed against -- has a ton of history -- positive and otherwise -- as well as baggage that comes along with him. He never drew very well on his own as champion and has a laundry list of health conditions, some of which would make it implausible to pull a decent match out of him and some that make it damn near impossible to even have a match to begin with.

Waltman -- aside from the debacle that was his relationship with Chyna -- doesn't have the same stigma. In fact, in recent years he has seemed to have gotten his head straight and has become somewhat of a rational voice amidst the chaos that can be professional wrestling.

He regularly tweets during WWE pay-per-views (PPVs) or Raw and often offer insightful commentary on the proceedings. He's a man who knows the business in and out, having been a part of it for the better part of two decades.

Although he proved he can still go in the ring -- as anyone can tell by his weekend-long stint in Chikara this past April -- an actual wrestling return to the WWE seems unlikely due to a hepatitis C diagnosis. Even though the company has what amounts to a "no blood" policy, the chance of Waltman getting legitimately busted open -- hard way in the biz -- is too great a risk to take.

He could still, however, return in a non-wrestling capacity to join up with -- or perhaps stand against -- his longtime friend and former New World Order (NWO) stablemate Nash. The WWE is certainly blurring the lines between truth and fiction with that storyline and Waltman's presence would only add to the proceedings.

Think we will be see X-Pac back on TV sooner rather than later?

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