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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Kevin Nash hits a bullseye against Rey Mysterio

Razor Ramon was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. For some reason. His oily hair and gaudy gold chains were nothing something I aspired to attain as a child. I never thought, "Yeah, I want to look like the sleaziest used car salesman ever."

Diesel, on the other hand, I didn't really care for. His character didn't click with me. That all changed when he stopped pretending he was a big rig driver and was just himself.

Kevin Nash has a legitimately funny personality and his shoot interviews are some of the best in the business. He doesn't spend all the time burying his contemporaries nor does he dish out the dirtiest gossip. For the most part, he tells stories. Stories of his first run in the WWE, tales of his time in WCW. 

When Scott Hall showed up on WCW Nitro and was soon followed by Nash, I was intrigued. Hell, just about every wrestling fan was. The pushed the storyline that these two men were invading the company, sent as saboteurs by the WWE and Vince McMahon.

The truth couldn't have been further from the truth and it didn't matter because in the realm of public opinion, entertainment trumps all. Kevin Nash -- a dud to me as Diesel -- became entertaining as all get out as ... well, himself.

And no finer example -- suggested by Cagesider Chris Barton -- exists that this early moment when the two Outsiders took out a gaggle of WCW loyalists including one plucky luchador who thought he could match up with the great and powerful Oz.

A few of things I take away from this:


  • I miss Arn Anderson
  • Randy Savage was a consummate performer, jumping on top of the car without a second thought
  • Rey Rey looks tons better when not carting around 40 pounds of extra weight



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