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WWE Smackdown spoilers for the Survivor Series go-home show to air Nov. 18

The last Smackdown before Survivor Series -- the go-home show as those in the biz call it -- has been taped and we've got all the results! 

The "Team Orton" versus "Team Barrett" match from the big show on Sunday (Nov. 20) takes center stage on this week's edition of SyFy's highest rated show as every member of each team hits the squared circle to take each other on in one way or another.

Newest "Team Barrett" member Dolph Ziggler takes on Sin Cara, Mason Ryan battles Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and Hunico collide while team captains Randy Orton and Wade Barrett meet in a main event tag team bout with Sheamus and Cody Rhodes are their respective partners.

And what Smackdown show would be complete without wig splitter extraordinaire Mark Henry?

Keep reading to find out what happens in the spoilers -- courtesy of -- if you can't wait until Friday night! If you can, read anyway and shock your friends and family with your "amazing" psychic powers!

The wig splitting starts early as the show opens up with World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry attacking Smackdown's Money in the Bank winner Daniel Bryan backstage. The beatdown continues as the champ drags the former Ring of Honor (ROH) star to the ring before officials are able to make the save. Henry then lets Big Show know that at Survivor Series, heads will be kicked in and wigs will be split. All in a day's work for the World Heavyweight champ.

I freaking love Mark Henry right now.

Cagesider TheCrow4Life might be the next Miss Cleo because he totally called this next one. Now that Dolph Ziggler is part of the traditional SS elimination match, he'll be pulling double duty on the pay-per-view (PPV) since he will also defend his United States title. Against who isn't revealed, however.

Ziggler takes on Sin Cara and picks up the win after Jack Swagger came out. Mason Ryan runs out to help his little Mexican buddy which leads to the Welsh Warrior -- trademark Sergio Hernandez -- taking on the "All-American American" and scoring the pinfall. He won with what is described as a pretty damn impressive full-nelson slam.

Backstage, Zack Ryder -- WOO WOO WOO -- was getting his fellow Superstars to sign a petition that would allow him to be the challenger for the US strap on Sunday when he runs into Big Show and totally narcs on Henry for what the champ said. Big Show is none too pleased.

Cut to Ted Dibiase Jr. -- I refuse to call him by his daddy's name -- playing WWE '12 with Hornswaggle before Teddy Long shows up. Then Aksana rolls in and does her usual "I want to bang Teddy Long for some reason" schtick. 

Her accent is pretty freaking hot, though, got to give her that.

Christian comes out on crutches with a a boot on his leg and a neck brace on. He says he will be at Survivor Series to inspire his former teammates and is now just concerned that he'll be able to heal up enough to have just "one more match" at all. He really hams it up and the audience hates him for it. Good on you, C-Dog. I love a heel who just dives into it and doesn't give himself any redeeming qualities.

Daniel Bryan is nursing his wounds backstage and Big Show is all, "Ahhh, hell naw! Mark Henry gonna get it!"

Ted DiBiase puts down his controller long enough to beat NXT hopeful Derrick Bateman.

Backstage Show is looking for Henry and asks Jinder Mahal and Tyson Kidd if they've seen him. They both say no but Mahal mouths off in Punjabi and gets knocked out for his troubles. Show finally makes it to the ring and says that Henry will get comeuppance on Sunday for what he did to Bryan.

Hunico comes out and cuts a promo in Spanish but ends up losing to Kofi Kingston anyway. So according to WWE, Jamaica Ghana > Mexico.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya beat AJ -- hot -- and Kaitlyn after Nattie Hart made AJ -- hot -- tap.

The main event -- Randy Orton and Sheamus taking on Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes -- ended in a disqualification for the members of "Team Orton" after Christian showed up and nailed Sheamus with his crutch. That didn't stop the fan favorites from hitting their finishers on Barrett and Rhodes to end the show.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty good go-home show for Survivor Series. All the storylines progressed pretty well and will flow pretty well into the matches on Sunday.

Seriously, Raw and Smackdown are like night and day.

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