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WWE Raw ratings for Nov. 14 go home show to Survivor Series featuring The Rock's return

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The ratings are in for last night's episode of  WWE Raw Supershow from Boston and, as expected, the return of The Rock had its desired effect.

PWTorch brings the word:

WWE Raw on Monday, November 14 featuring The Rock's TV return scored a 3.25 rating for all three hours and a 3.37 rating in the standard two hours.

Raw averaged 4.74 million viewers for all three hours and 4.95 million viewers for the standard two hours. Raw's bonus first hour averaged 4.31 million viewers, followed by 5.00 million viewers in the standard first hour (second overall), and an average of 4.91 million viewers in the final hour.

Naturally, the extra first hour dragged the rating down a bit, but this is a big success for WWE. Business has been down lately thanks to bad booking and stale storylines but the return of The Rock gave them the boost they had been looking for.

I'll be curious to see what kind of carryover effect this will have to Smackdown, if any. Obviously, the main goal is to sell Survivor Series but Smackdown's been such a great show lately, the added boost could push it over the top with a record breaking rating.

Raw was helped last night by the Monday Night Football game, Green Bay vs. Minnesota, ending quickly when the Packers piled on the points early and never left off the gas. By halftime it was over and fans could switch over to wrestling.

For complete results and a running live blog of Raw from last night click here. For all the reactions to the show click here.

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