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John Cena, This is Your Life (Video)

In case you missed it last night, here's the video of WWE's attempt to recreate the highest rated segment in its history, "This is Your Life," with John Cena instead of The Rock.

This was how they decided to use Mick Foley in his big return and you know what? I was good with it. This is exactly the kind of thing Foley is good for. If he's not going to wrestle and he's not going to commentate, let him do stuff like this.

As for the segment itself, I wasn't as horrified with it as most seem to have been. Yeah, it was goofy as all get out but it was John Cena; his entire schtick is about being a complete goof.

Before it was over, though, I was glad they did it because it exposed us to Cena's dad, who absolutely hit a home run portraying the pissed off parent who's sick of the fans booing his son.

Check out parts two and three after the jump.

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