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Video: The Rock returns to Raw, makes WWE interesting again

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Sorry, CM Punk, but it took The Rock just one appearance to make the WWE interesting again. How did he do it?

By being the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment.

"The Great One" returned to Raw last night (Nov. 14) in Boston and stole the show, as he does every time he makes an appearance. This time, though, we can actually look forward to him coming back soon. Survivor Series is Sunday night (Nov. 20) and the crowd at Madison Square Garden should be insane for the main event. 

The Miz and R-Truth are afterthoughts but they should be. This is the Rock and John Cena show and the feud is about to really kick into gear.

One thing I wanted to make sure to make mention of is how Rock was pushing Twitter last night. We can all basically agree on the fact that we despise how much emphasis WWE has put into putting over when anything related to the product is "trending worldwide," but that's partially because they're lazy about it. Most times, it's just annoying Michael Cole announcing it during a match and gabbing on and on, ignoring what's happening in the ring. Or it's shown in a graphic in the lower left corner of the screen. Whatever lazy, obnoxious way they can find to make mention of it, they do.

The talent routinely bring it up in promos, as well, but none better than The Rock. And that's when I realized that it doesn't so much bother me that they're pushing Twitter down my throat, it's how they're going about doing so. When the "Brahma Bull" did it, he was witty and clever with it. He actually made us laugh about it. That is what's needed going forward.

And it showcased, once again, how much better The Rock is than anyone else on the roster.

After the jump, you can watch the full length video of his main event  segment, which also features Cena, Miz and Truth.

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