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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Kurt Angle moonsaults off the top of a freakin' cage

Kurt Angle used to be really, really great. Hell, he might have been the best.

But a combination of injuries and addiction have ravaged his body over the past 15 years.

Forced into an ultimatum by the WWE in 2006 -- rehab or pink slip -- Angle chose unemployment. But before he could even update his résumé, TNA was there to snatch him up. Since then he's had three alcohol related arrests and a fourth for harrassing an ex-girlfriend.

It's been a steep fall from grace for "The Olympic Hero" and as a longtime fan, I only hope he wises up and takes care of his personal demons.

Why am I such a fan? Well, aside from being one of the best wrestlers of the past decade, he would bust out moves like this one from time to time.

Peep the strategy as suggested by Cagesider mountaineers101.

It's crazy enough that he even attempts a moonsault off the top of the cage but he misses it on top of that?? I love the sell Angle gives as he bounces off the canvas, almost cartoon-like and very much in keeping with his character at the time.

It just sucks that he's still doing that now that he's over 40 years old. This clip is fun as its one of the best pro wrestlers in his prime going for a big spot that makes sense in the context of the match. The moonsault he nailed off the top of the cage at last year's Lockdown wasn't fun to watch at all, it was just painful.


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