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WWE News: Can we expect The Life and Times of CM Punk DVD in 2012?

Photo via Wikipedia
Photo via Wikipedia

The Chicago Tribue is reporting that the WWE is in the process of filming a straight-to-DVD documentary with everyone's favorite Straight Edge Superstar as its subject.

CM Punk will be the focus of this doc but it's not yet confirmed what the scope will be. The former WWE Champion has been with the company for over five years, making his television debut on the now defunct ECW program in 2006. He eventually won that brand's World title and would go on to capture the Intercontinental championship and both the World Heavyweight and WWE titles while also being one half of the tag team champs alongside Kofi Kingston. That stash of gold also gives Punk the honor of being the Superstar to achieve the Triple Crown in the shortest amount of time -- a little over six months.

Basically, there should be enough -- if you also take into account his Money in the Bank victories as well as his fantastic feud with Rey Mysterio -- to fill a multi-disc set should the WWE decide to go the route of the recently released Randy Orton's "The Evolution of a Predator." That bad boy was three-disc filled with Orton matches. Joy.

Punk has been a hot commodity ever since his bombshell of a promo back on the June 27th edition of Raw. In fact, it was reported soon after that he had usurped all the big, established names like John Cena to become the biggest merchandise mover for the company.

But one can't help but feel that for every step Punk takes towards the next level, there's something -- or someone -- pushing back. Triple H has made comments that don't seem to indicate he holds Punk in the most positive of lights but in this day and age of worked shoots and scripted reality, the lines between truth and fiction are blurred. If there really is a clandenstine operation attempting to keep the CM Punks of the wrestling world down while holding the John Cenas and Randy Ortons of it up, a one or maybe even two-disc set might be what fans get instead. A documentary with a bonus disc with a handful of matches might be used to test the market.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Would you buy a CM Punk DVD set?

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