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Former WWE star Kamala recovering from an amputated foot

Get well soon, Kamala!  Photo via <a href="">swiftwj of Flickr</a>.
Get well soon, Kamala! Photo via swiftwj of Flickr.

I'm sorry to have to bring you more sad news about the current health of former WWE wrestlers, but the Wrestling News Center website recently reported that Kamala The Ugandan Giant has had to have his foot amputated due to complications from high blood pressure and diabetes:

We here at are saddened to report that James Harris AKA Kamala The Ugandan Giant had to have his foot removed Monday due to complications of high blood pressure and diabetes.  I talked to James today and he's in good spirit.  James is a true Memphis Wrestling legend and will be missed in the wrestling world.  I had the opportunity to travel up and down the road with James and he's one the nicest people in the wrestling business.  I wish James a speedy recovery and we hope he feels better.

We too at Cageside Seats would also like to send our best wishes to Kamala for a quick recuperation from what will have obviously been a traumatic experience for him.  We also hope that this is the last health scare of a middle aged wrestler we have to report for quite some time, after Barry Windham's heart attack and Mark Canterbury's car crash in the past few weeks alone.

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