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TNA Turning Point results and live match coverage (Nov. 13) from the Impact Zone

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This year's edition of Turning Point is set to go down tonight in TNA's hometown of Orlando, FL beginning on pay-per-view (PPV) at 8 p.m. ET. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of the penultimate 2011 event below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature every single title being defended. Knockouts champion Velvet Sky defends her belt against the returning Gail Kim while Eric Young puts his TV title on the line against Robbie E. Mexican America including Sarita continued their feud with Ink Inc. who have enlisted Toxxin on their side. The X-Division strap is up for grabs when champ Austin Aries defends against former champion Brian Kendrick and new challenger Jesse Sorenson and newly turned rulebreaker Bobby Roode defends the TNA World Heavyweight title against former Fortune stablemate and TNA Triple Crown champion AJ Styles.

Plus four more matches including The Battle of the Jeffs when Jeff Hardy collides with Jeff Jarrett.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website! And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Jeff Hardy def. Jeff Jarrett
Gail Kim def. Velvet Sky to win the Knockouts Championship
Mexican America def. Ink Inc to retain the Tag Team Championships
Crimson and Matt Morgan goes to a No Contest
Rob Van Dam def. Christopher Daniels in a No Disqualification match
Mr. Anderson and Abyss def. Bully Ray and Scott Steiner
Austin Aries def. Jesse Sorensen and Kid Kash to retain the X-Division Championship
Robbie E def. Eric Young to become the new Television Champion
Bobby Roode def. AJ Styles for the Heavyweight Championship


Sergio here, ONCE AGAIN! I love wrestling and I love you, Cagesiders. Never forget that.

The show opens up with a video highlighting the story behind Bobby Roode and Jame Storm intercut with footage from news reels about war. They show clips from their match when Roode busted the beer bottle across Storm's head.

Man, I can't wait for Roode to take on Sto ... I mean, Styles.

TNA TV title match: Eric Young (c) vs. Robbie E w/ Robbie T

Robbie E heads to the outside of the ring and Young gives chase, attempting to lock up with members of the audience. Back inside the ring, Young continues his wacky ways by getting whipped into the ropes and doing a headstand on the top turnbuckle. He heads back to the outside and locks up with So Cal Val and Taz makes a weird remark about that not being that first time Val has locked up with a man who has a beard like that.

Is Val a lumberjack rat?

Robbie T then delivers a huge clothesline to the champ and rolls him back him where New Jersey's favorite son -- move over, Bruce -- takes control. Robbie whips Young to the ropes and delivers a back elbow for two before slapping on a headlock. The audience's energy begins to pump the champ up and he breaks the hold. He attempts a whip but Robbie counters and nails a nice lifting side slam.

Another chinlock grinds away on Young but he counters with jawbreaker. Young begins to hulk up and strips his tights off to reveal a second pair with the letters G-T-W on them. Gym, Tan, Wrestle, baby. He nails a big belly-to-belly and follows up with a Savage Elbow Drop. He covers but Robbie T pulls his small friend out. 

Young pulls off THOSE tights to reveal a pair of purples one underneath and hops up to the top rope. He leaps and splashes both men on the outside. But Robbie T is able to chop block Young as the champ was making his way back inside the ring. Young crashes to the apron and gets rolled in by Robbie T. The challenger doesn't take long to capitalize and hit The Shore Thing to pick up the win and the TV title.

Winner and NEW champion: Robbie E

Video package for the Mexican America and Ink Inc. feud.

TNA Tag Team titles match: Mexican America (c) vs. Ink Inc.

Moore and Anarquia starts us off. They lock up and Moore is forced in the corner but quickly turns the tables with a couple of arm drags and an atomic drop for two. Neal gets tagged in and batters Anarquia before the tag champ is able to get Hernandez in the ring. 

Neal wrenches Hernandez's arm but slams his shoulder into his opponent. He whips the tag champ to the ropes and tries an armdrag but the bigger man blocks it and nails a short arm clothesline. A bit of chest bumping and trash talk ends with Neal hitting a big forearm and finally knocking Hernandez off his feet. Moore gets tagged in and uses his speed to counter Hernandez's strength. 

He leaps off the top rope but gets caught. It looks bad for Moore until he counters into a sunset flip. Hernandez is forced to tag his partner in but he doesn't fare any better. Hurricanranas flip Anarquia over as Ink Inc. begins to cut the ring in half to keep the tag champ away from his partner.

A blind tag is followed by Neal getting whipped to the ropes and being met with a flying shoulder block. Mexican America take control, even using a referee distraction to work Neal over. They hit a sweet tag team move where Hernandez holds Neal over the apron and Anarquia slingshots off the ropes into a dropkick.

Neal is able to get Moore inside the ring and the four men brawl. The Knockouts are in the ring and Toxxin is straight dominating Sarita. She managed a two count but the pin is broken up by Hernandez. Ink Inc. immediately hits the ring and double clothesline Hernandez to the outside. Moore hits a springboard moonsault to the outside. Neal and Hernandez are in the ring and Anarquia is laid out. Neal lifts Toxxin up and drops her on the tag champ for a legdrop. They pick him up and pants him! He rolls to the outside and Neal dives to the outside but he doesn't see it because the camera was focused on Anarquia and his exposed backside.

Rosita hops up on the apron to distract Toxxin and Sarita comes up behind with a belt shot to the kidneys. Nice! That gets the three count for the champs.

Winner and STILL champions: Mexican America

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is talking with X-Division champion Austin Aries and Kid Kash. JB asks if there's some collusion afoot between the two to prevent Sorensen from winning. Kash goes a little nuts and Aries has to calm him down.

Three-way X-Division title match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen

I love Aries' little cape thing.

Aries goes to the apron and Kash and Sorensen jaw. Aries makes his way back in and attacks Sorensen from behind. Kash takes over and Sorensen is able to get the upper hand. But immediately after Aries attacks. This continues with Aries getting overtaken and rolls to the outside but Kash continues the onslaught.

Sorensen manages to spills Kash to the outside and he catches Aries. Sorensen then soars over, taking both men out. Back in the ring and Aries and Kash take over. A big slam from Kash and he covers for two but Aries breaks it up and the two have words. More double team action with Kash holding Sorensen while Aries delivers punches and kicks. A big backbreaker from Kash who covers again and Aries is forced to break the pin and have another chat with Kash.

While they're talking, Sorensen hits a dropkick, sending Kash to the outside. Sorensen takes over inside and lands a top rope splash on Aries but Kash breaks up pin. He slaps on a surfboard and Aries delivers a big kick to Sorensen's chest. Sorensen is in the corner eating punches and back rakes which lead to a double irish whip.

Sorensen holds onto ropes, Kash charges and gets spilled to the outside. A dropkick to Aries and as Sorensen bounces off the ropes, Kash grabs his legs and drags him out. He whips him to the guard rail and then holds Sorensen as Aries nails a suicide dive.Inside, Kash and Aries climb opposite turnbuckles . Aries missed a frog splash, Kash misses a moonsault. Sorensen hits atomic drop and follows with neckbreaker for two before Kash breaks it up. Aries forces Sorensen in the corner and charges in and eats a SICK boot. Another neckbreaker variation for Sorensen.. Two count when kash breaks it up.

Kash eats a boot in the corner and Sorensen climbs to the top. Kash attacks, follows him up and hits a superplex. Kash nails him with the Money Maker but a sneaky Aries puts Sorensen's leg on the bottom rope and screams, "Look, look, look!" before sneaking away. The referee stops the count and Kash argues with the referee allowing Aries to roll him up and secure the win.

Winner and STILL champion: Austin Aries

Styles backstage and he's not too happy about getting sunburnt. Or he's pissed about Bobby Roode. Not sure.

Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

Daniels pleads with RVD to change the match from a No DQ match since he isn't a savage like those in the audience or a hardcore wrestler -- he's a real wrestler -- like RVD.

But it's all a ruse! "The Fallen Angel" attacks until RVD is able to send him to the outside. Daniels rolls back in and gets the advantage save for a small portion where the former ECW star hits his patented Rolling Thunder. A big dropkick from the corner gets a two count for Daniels.

Headlock from Daniels slows the action down. "The Fallen Angel" breaks the hold to land a chop but immediately slaps the hold back on. RVD gets to his his and bounces off the ropes but gets caught. RVD eats a DVD! Yuk yuk yuk.

Enziguri from Daniels and he follows up with a big boot in the corner. He whips RVD to the opposite corner and charges in but the dragon loving wrestler gets his boots up and starts to build momentum. He nails a springboard kung fu kick but takes time to point at himself, allowing Daniels the opportunity to send him to the outside. Back inside, RVD scoops Daniels up and drops him on the top rope. As "The Fallen Angel" straddles the top rope, RVD makes his way to the top and delivers a kick that sends Daniels to the floor.

Daniels then starts to make his way backstage so RVD has to follow him back to return him to the ring. He drapes Daniels over the guard rail and nails him with a running leg drop and Daniels slowly makes his to the ring. He then grabs the referee and tosses him into RVD allowing Daniels to hit an STO. He grabs a chair and brings it in, performing a lifting side slam on RVD for two.

Daniels heads out again and produces a screwdriver. He tries to hit RVD with it but the Michigan native uses the chair to block the attack. He tosses the chair at Daniels who instinctively catches it and eats a Van Daminator. One 5 Star Frog Splash later and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Rob Van Dam 

JB backstage with new TV champ Robbie E. The promo boils down to bling = bitches. Nice.

Video for Crimson and Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Some big man standard stuff to start. They make their way to the outside and Crimson gets the upper hand. He sets the ring steps up and whips Morgan to them but "The Blueprint" hops over and then boots them behind him as Crimson rushes in.

Crimson is rolled into the ring and Morgan takes over. Morgan traps Crimson in the corner and delivers a handful of back elbows and begins to make his way across the ring. Crimson is all, "Yeah right, homie!" and no sells that mess. He hits Morgan with a suplex and then a half nelson slam. 

Morgan in the corner and Crimson charges in but nobody's home. Morgan delivers a chokeslam for two. Morgan misses a big boot, turns around and eats a spear. Crimson gets a two out of it. He isn't in control for long before "The Blueprint" takes over once again. They go back and forth and Crimson nails his opponent with a sky lift powerbomb for two.

They get back to their feet and starting jawing. Crimson nails Morgan with a right and Morgan returns the favor. They start going back and forth and almost seem like they're having a dandy old time potatoing each other. They clinch up and start brawling and the referee tries to break them apart. They both shove him down and he calls for the bell.


Crimson and Morgan chat and say, "Hey, why not?" and keep going at it until security pulls them apart. Also, the timekeeper rings the bell over and over. Has that ever worked? 

The two eventually break free and continue brawling to a very HUGEly lukewarm reaction. Impact Zone audiences suck. You hear me, you Jeff Hardy marks?! YOU SUCK!

JB backstage with Scott Steiner and Bully Ray. Steiner's promos are better than anything else on this planet. Bully Ray tells Steiner to relax and just flex. Steiner then calls him Bubba and claims to have traveled to Parts Unknown and found Abyss' girlfriend. 

"She's gotta be an ugly bitch." "Not only is she ugly but she's fat."

Scott Steiner and Bully Ray vs. Abyss and Ken Anderson

I seriously, seriously hate Ken Anderson. He's simply the worst.

Bully Ray and Anderson start off. Ray gets the advantage and tags into Steiner who keeps control of the match until he whips Anderson to the corner. Anderson back elbows Ray off the apron and delivers a boot to the charging Steiner. But Ray grabs Anderson's leg and racks him with the ring post.

Ray gets tagged back in and beats on Anderson but the former potential Vince McMahon spawn is able to momentarily turn the tables. He gets a tag out to Abyss but thanks to Immortal's shenanigans, the referee doesn't see it and keeps the big man on the apron.

Immortal continues to work Anderson over until he's able to tag out to Abyss who clears house. He and Ray begin to brawl and Abyss gets clotheslined to the outside by Ray. Before he is, though, Anderson gets a blind tag and splashes Steiner from the top rope. Steiner's official website is Awesome.

HOLY FREAKIN' MOLEY, STEINER HITS A SUPER FRANKENSTEINER! He goes for the pin but the referee informs him that Anderson is not the legal man. Abyss sneaks up on him and hits a Black Hole Slam for the three count!

Winner: Abyss and Ken Anderson

Immediately after the match, Bully Ray attacks Abyss and gets a table. He and Steiner puts the big man through but he no sells that mess and pops right back up. Bull Ray has a look on his face like he might have messed himself and heads out of ther ring.

JB backstage with the awful Karen Jarrett and the great Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Seriously, Karen Jarrett is seriously the worst.

TNA Knockouts title match: Velvet Sky (c) vs. Gail Kim

Quick dropkick from the champ sends Kim the outside. Offense on the floor before Kim is rolled back in. A cross body splash from the champ gets two. She puts Kim in the corner (nobody puts Kim in the corner) and starts the counting punches before getting shoved off.

Kim takes over with kicks and knees and lands a snapmare before the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Karen Jarrett shows up. A backbreaker from the challenger leads to an abdominal stretch which Sky reverses into a pin. A trio of leg kicks from the champ lead to two clothes, a couple of jawbreakers, and a bulldog off the ropes. Some weird headlock/side slam move gets a two count for the champ.

Kim slams Sky in the corner but eats a facebuster for her trouble. Jarrett distracts the referee which allows Rayne to sneak in and attack Sky. Kim covers but only gets a two. Kim climbs to the top and misses a senton allowing the champ to cover for two. Kim reverses the pin but also gets a two.

They lock up but Rayne holds her former partner's leg which allows Kim to hit her new finisher which is actually pretty cool. Three count and Kim picks up the gold.

Winner and NEW champion: Gail Kim

Backstage, Bischoff is apparently to his wife about how much he hates his son. Bully Ray interrupts him and is worried about Abyss. Apparently getting put through a table should put people in the hospital. "Nobody just gets up from a table."

Jeff "Party" Hardy video montage

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

So Jarrett is upset that Hardy is back? Doesn't he like, own the company? He needs to wrestle him to get him out? Is that an obscure Florida law I'm unaware of?

Hardy is wearing what I expect a ram's S&M gear looks like.

Wow. So Hardy immediately hits a Twist of Fate, and gets the three count.

Jarrett demands a quick rematch and Hardy asks the audience what they think. While he's doing that, Jarrett attacks and then the bell rings. I guess we're having a match.

Hardy getting beat up but turns the tables with a diving forearm. Jarrett is able to regain the advantage by slowing down the action. Double J drapes Hardy across the ropes and jumps on top of the "Enigmatic One." He climbs to the second turnbuckle and drops a fist on his opponent. Does it again. Tries a third time but eats a boot. Hardy climbs up to the boot but gets knocked down by Jarrett.

Jarrett continues to work him over and slaps on a sleeper hold but Hardy fights back. They trade punches back and forth before Hardy nails a diving forearm off the ropes for a top count. He sends Jarrett to the ropes and ducks but Double J is too smart for that and boots him. He goes for The Stroke but Hardy slips out of it. Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate but Jarret gets out of that too. Jarrett tries to roll him up but Hardy reverses and gets the pin.

Jarrett sits in shock in the ring while Hardy makes his way to the back. Finally Jarrett heads out of the ring and and grabs Val's chair and nails his opponent with it. Jarrett is now forcing Earl Hebner to restart the match. Jarrett gets Hardy back in the ring and hits The Stroke. Hebner finally counts but Hardy kicks out at two and rolls Jarrett up for what amounts to a nine count total for the match.

Winner x 3: Jeff Hardy

Backstage everyone is congratulating Hardy. Even Styles shakes his hand. That's all it takes? Beating Jarrett? Okay.

JB backstage with the champ Bobby Roode. The champ says he was Beer Money, he was Fortune. Didn't need Storm, Kazarian or Styles. Full on rulebreaker mode here.

Video all about Roode's fall from grace. He used to be such a kind, well-mannered boy.

TNA Heavyweight title match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. AJ Styles

Seriously, someone buy Styles some sunblock, please.

They lock up, Roode breaks and heads to the ropes. They lock up again with the same result. They lock up for a third time with Styles forces Roode in the corner. The champ nails Styles with a cheap shot after the break but the challenger answers back and sends Roode to the outside. 

Roode with a boot to the guy and he takes over. Punch sends Styles to the corner where he tries to fight out but Roode nails him with a knee to the gut. Roode off the ropes, leapfrop, drop down and finally a dropkick by Styles. Roode rolls out out and tries to head backstage but Styles brings him back and control with chops in each corner.

Sends the champ to the ropes and ducks down but Roode delivers a boot and then a clothesline putting him back in control. Punches in the corner and a snapmare have Styles reeling. His back is against the ropes and Roode charges but Styles ducks and the champ spills to the outside. Styles tries to splash him but Roode runs to the side. Styles follows along the apron and splashes him along the guard rail.

Roode regains the advantage with a baseball slide and jaws with Hebner. Roode slingshots Styles into the top turnbuckle and hits a flapjack for two. Roode slaps on a bodylock which probably hurts more than usual because of Styles' awful, awful sunburn.

Forearm to the back and while a whip to the corner is reversed, Roode is able to get a boot up. He climbs to the top but the challenger punches him in the gut and works towards a superplex. A headbutt drops Styles to the mat but he's back up quickly and leaps back up to the top where he nails the move, sending Roode up and over onto the mat.

Styles blocks two punches and delivers two of his own and goes straight whackadoo with clotheslines. Fireman's carry to a backbreaker for two. Some botchiness ensues and Roode ends up getting the upper hand and gets the two counts.

Fisherman supelex is countered by Styles who delivers a suplex of his own. Styles climbs to the top but misses a top rope move. Styles get a sunset flip into a roll up but he stands up and tries to hit a Styles Clash. He's unable to execute and Roode is able to slap on a crossface. He gets out, tries for another Styles Clash but opts for a mini powerbomb.

Roode in the corner, Styles charges in and is body dropped to the apron. He springboards off the top rope and nails Roode with a forearm. Both wrestlers and the referee ends up in the corner and the champ goes for the low blow but ends up hitting the referee too? The ref then recovers well enough to deliver a two count. What was the point of that?

Roode begs up but Styles flips him some birdage and nails him with a spear. Styles goes beast mode on his former stablemate and straddles him on the top rope, sending Roode to the floor. Styles goes for a suicide dive but the champ sidesteps and Styles eats some gym mat!

Back inside the ring and Roode hits a move for two and Styles comes back with a Gator Kick. He sets up for a Styles Clash but Roode is able to scoop him off his feet and get a handful of tights to pick up the pin.

Winner and STILL champion: Bobby Roode

That's the show, folks! Make sure to visit the post-event reaction thread to air your thoughts!

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