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Chikara 'High Noon' results and live match coverage (Nov. 13) from ECW Arena

Chikara's "High Noon" is all set to pop off this afternoon, Nov. 13, 2011, from the world famous ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA, at 4 p.m. ET, live on internet pay-per-view (iPPV). Click here to order the event for less than $15! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of "High Noon" below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Today's show will feature a No Disqualification Tag Team War between UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked taking on members of Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes Ares Tim Donst as well as the crowing of Chikara's first Grand Champion when 12 Large: Summit finalists Mike Quackenbush and Eddie Kingston collide!

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website! And remember to keep refreshing!

And if 15 bucks isn't a steal for what is sure to be one of the hottest wrestling shows of 2011, Chikara is offering up El Generico and Jigsaw in singles action for free! You can watch that match at 3:15 p.m. ET on the dot right here!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Eddie Kingston def. Mike Quackenbush to become the first Chikara Grand Champion
No DQ Tag Team War: UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked def. Tim Donst/Ares in a mask vs mask vs hair vs Eye of Tyr match when UltraMantis Black pinned Ares
The Colony (Fire Ant/Soldier Ant) def. The Young Bucks
Icarus def. Gregory Iron
Green Ant def. Tursas
Sara Del Rey def. Jakob Hammermeier
Colt Cabana def. Archibald Peck
Jigsaw def. El Generico

Sergio here, Cagesiders.

The Ustream pre-show is up and running and we've got the folks at Chikara taking a look at what to expect. The video from a few days ago with Gregory Iron stating his case to be a part of the 2012 Royal Rumble.

Back to the ECW Arena and Iron steps out from backstage to speak with our hosts. He says Icarus has been running his mouth a lot lately and calling Iron a liar. Iron promises to shut Icarus up for good tonight.

Video highlighting the feud between UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked with Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK). "Blame Game" by Kayne West plays over footage of the wrestlers intercut with scens from Un Chien Andalou. This gets three thumbs up from me.

Next Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier of BDK comes out with the former Young Lions Cup champ regales us with a song. Hilarious stuff here with Donst signing that he "doesn't like getting punched in the face because he's too good looking."

"Who's the man? I'm the man. That's the answer to who's the man!" Donst is fantastic.

They then show the amazing promo Eddie Kingston recorded earlier this.

And we are uuuuuuderway.

Jigsaw vs. El Generico

They lock up  and Generico gets behind his opponent. Jigsaw reverses into a wristlock and works Generico over. Reversal into a headlock takedown is countered with a headscissors by Jigsaw. Generico takes control with a headlock.

MetroPCS commercial! Sorry, bucko, I use T-Mobile.

We're back and the two are working a feverish pace. Generico flipping and bouncing off the ropes and nailing Jigsaw with arm drags and then gets some punches in the corner much to the delight of the crowd. A punch to the gut and a couple of elbows put Jigsaw back in the driver's seat. He bounces off the ropes and catches Generico mid-leap frog and drops him face first onto the mat.

A boot from Jigsaw sends Generico to the outside and he follows suit with a suicide dive. Back inside the ring with the "Mexican" luchadore against the ropes. Jigsaw charges and Generico outwits him by th

Jigsaw catches the Yakuza kick, nails a back elbow, following up with an enziguri and then ending the sequence off with a German suplex for a two count. Jigsaw rushes into the corner but is unable to stop a second Yakuza kick attempt. Generico hops up onto the top rope but gets pulled down and eats mat. Fire Under the Bridge -- a coast to coast dropkick -- gets a two count for Jigsaw.

Generico is able to whip Jigsaw into the corner and a third and possibly match-ending Olé Kick but gets superkicked for his trouble. Jigsaw hops up to the top and hits the Double Stuff -- a double stomp -- for the three count, picking up the win. 

Fun, fun match. 

Winner: Jigsaw

Ustream feed is done, we'll see you in a few moments when the portion begins! If you haven't already ordered "High Noon," WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

And we're live at GFL. tv and Gavin Loudspeaker is in the ring to welcome us. 

Video montage with the cast of motley players we can expect tonight with music from the amazing Stan Bush.

The Young Bucks vs. The Colony

Nick and Matt comes out with none other than Marty Jannetty! The Colony comes out second and we are have officially begun!

Matt and Soldier start off us and the masked man won't stop saluting his opponent. Matt is getting perturbed about it. A saluting dropkick puts Matt on his back (poetry~!) and Fire Ant hops in the ring for some double team action. Soldier gets whipped to the ropes but returns with a hurricanrana. 

Fire Ant sent to touside, Nick hits a plancha. Soldier Ant and Matt tangle up. Soldier gets tripped up by Nick and The Bucks nails a double team move and Nick immediately follows up by splashing Nick.

The Young Bucks firmly in control and nail a sweet double team neckbreaker onto the knee on Soldier ant. A double team maneuver onto Fire Ant sees the Colony member trapped on the apron in a head scissors before eating a super kick. Back inside the ring, the former TNA stars begin to systematically take Soldier Ant apart. Matt mocks his opponent with a sarcastic salute.

Soldier Ant finally gets the hot tag to Fire Ant (pun intended) and he clears house. The Bucks are sent to the outside and Soldier hits a sliding split-legged dropkick and Fire nails a springboard splash onto both men. Back inside the ring, The Colony nails Ant Go Marching -- a double dropkick in the corner -- that puts Nick down.

A stiff superkick sends Fire Ant to the outside while Soldier eats a hard elbow. All three men on the mat and Matt is able to gets Soldier in the corner. The Colony members fights back and gets Matt on the mat where Fire hits a splash on the top. He reverses a suplex into a stunner but gets nailed with a kick.

Matt gets both opponents on his shoulders. Double Bang for your Buck? No! Instead, Nick double stomps Fire Ant in one corner, hops up on the opposite corner and they set up the finisher. Matt drops Soldier down, Nick leaps but gets a belly full of knee. Matt, already on the top rope and jumping, doesn't realize it and slams hard into the canvas as Soldier rolled out of the way. He rolls back the other way, right into a pinning situation and The Colony picks up their third point! They still challenged Team F.I.S.T. in the next season!

Winner: The Colony

Jakob Hammermeier vs. Sara Del Rey

They lock up and Del Rey gets a headlock and transitions into a wristlock before rolling the BDK member away. Del Rey with stiff kicks but Hammermeier is able to get the advantage. Elbows to the back put the "Queen of Wrestling" on he mat but she quickly returns fire with a hard chop. Del Rey then starts wrenching Hammermeier long Germanic locks before flipping him up and over.

The BDK member proves his mettle and starts using his tie to choke his opponent. The referee takes it away but Hammermeier pulls out another and continues the assault. He then jaws with an audience members, allowing Del Rey to take the advantage. In a gruesome moment, she bends his opponent's finger back and nearly breaks it off. A rolling senton in the corner is followed up with a brutal axe kick to the back of head. A belly to belly overhead suplex gets the three count.

Winner: Sara Del Rey

Video hyping Mr. Touchdown. Perhaps a third member of The Throwbacks?

The Osirian Portal is in the house!

Amasis is in the ring to officially announce his retirement. "Please don't go!" the fans chant. He talks up their accomplishments as a tag team and the music starts up for one more dance session. As their theme plays, Ophidian sprays his former partner with some kind of mist!

Unable to see, Amasis is helpless as Ophidian -- a true snake -- nails a dropkick. He then tries to remove Amasis' mask but is stopped by Chikara personnel. Ophidian stalks the ring and slips back in and removes the mask! He holds it high above his head as "The Funky Pharaoh" covers his face.

Ophidian leaves the ring with the mask and grabs a mic. "Amasis, problem solved!" The former Osirian Portal leader's face is covered and he is helped to the backstage area.

Tursas vs. Green Ant

Green Ant starts off strong but Tursas quickly overpowers him and nails a bodyslam. Ant back up and nails some elbows that are shrugged off. Green Ant uses his speed to avoid more damage and Tursas ends up splashing BDK referee Derek Sabato, knocking him out. Ant hits a neckbreaker for an eight count but there's no ref! Finally, one slides in but Tursas kicks out at two.

The Colony is out to cart off Sabato's body and the action continues. A brainbuster by Green Ant gets Tursas woozy but the big man soon regains the advantage. A back body drop leads to a two count for the biggest BDK member. He bounces off the ropes but misses a mid-ring splash and then eats a boot to the gut from Ant. Still recovering, The Colony member is helpless to prevent a dropkick from the big man. A suplex from Tursas gets a two count.

Tursas begins to climbs up to the top but Green Ant lands elbows to the back and nails a fallaway slam from the top rope! Both men back on their feet and Ant drops his opponent across the middle rope and hits a dropkick to the skull from the apron.

Tursas on the outside and Ant leaps from the top rope and is caught! Tursas catches him but Ant is able to get back onto the apron. A boot and then a knee puts Tursas on the concrete floor. The masked wrestler points to the corner and the crowd cheers. He climbs up and nails a huge splash from the top rope onto the floor!

At the 14 count, both men crawl into the ring where the two begin trading blows. Ant hits a back forearm and bounces off the ropes but get hits with a cross body splash. The BDK enforcer hits a huge crucifix bomb for a two count. The two end up on the top rope, jockeying for position but it's Ant who is able to send his opponent soaring through the air with a superplex. A two count follows and Green Ant slaps on a Texas -- or would that be Brazil? -- Cloverleaf. Green Ant breaks the hold and then busts out a submission I've never seen before -- somewhat of a variation on the Chikara Special -- and gets the big man to tap!

Winner: Green Ant


Archibald Peck vs. Colt Cabana

Peck tries three times to attack Cabana before the bell but "Boom Boom" sidesteps him every time. Finally the bell rings and Peck 

Headscissors by Peck, Cabana gets out. Peck drops Cabana to the mat, celebrates, gets tripped, Canana gets nacl to his feet and gets  atakdedown his own and mocks "Marchie Archie." A pair of town counts from Cabana 

Shoulder tackle from the top rope gets two but Peck stays in control with elbows. He then tries to attack Cabana in the corner but "Boom Boom" reverses Peck and whips him to the opposite corner . He charges in after the lanky wrestler but eats a boot. Peck drapes Cabana across the middle rope but nobody's home when he leaps towards the ropes.

Cabana in control and whips Peck to the ropes but Peck returns and slaps on a sleeper hold. In a hilarious moment, Cabana immediately falls to sleep and his opponent doesn't know what to make of it. Cabana then begins sucking his thumb as Peck gets to his feet, still unsure what to do. He finally decides to take advantage of the situation and climbs to the top. He leaps but look who's awake? Cabana springs up and Peck eats canvas.

Double chops to Peck and Cabana follows up with a springboard moonsault. Punch after punch but the big elbow misses. Peck attempts the same but ends up eating the elbow anyway! Peck in the corner and Cabana attempts a splash in the corner but misses. Again, Peck attemps the same but ends up getting a mouthful of his opponent's backside. 

"Marchie Archie" hits a top rope splash. Peck then orders Colt Cabunny to attack his human namesake but the rabbit refuses. Cabana then launches Peck into the mascot but Peck returns with a big boot. Veronica hands off the marching baton to Peck and then hops on the apron for the distraction. Cabana is able to get the baton away from Peck but is still groggy.

Colt Cabunny picks up the baton but isn't sure who to hit! The crowd makes it obvious that the rabbit should make amends with his human counterpart and after a bit of a swerve, hits Peck! Cabana scores the pinfall and he and the rabbit dance! 

Winner: Colt Cabana

Icarus vs. Gregory Iron

Clothesline by Iron start off but Icarus slows things with a Test of Strength. Icarus tricks him, scoring with a knee in the gut. Iron is able to hit an arm drag before following up with a money flip from the corner. Icarus eats a knee and Iron earns a two count.

Icarus then tucks tail and runs! But Iron gives chase and brings him back to the ring. A neckdrop onto the rope leads to a two count from Icarus and he follows up with a dropkick and a submission hold. Iron drops back to turn the submission into a pin which forces Icarus to break. Icarus then begins to slam Iron's head in the mat. He runs across the ring and then back again, nailing Iron with a splash across the ropes.

Icarus hits a suplex and floats over but Iron is able to briefly take control. A couple of elbows put Icarus back on top and he gets a two count. Icarus starts working over his opponent's knee before teasing a fallaway slam. Iron then reverses the position into a DDT and both men are on the mat!

Back to their feet, whip to the corner, big boot, and Iron is in control until Icarus is able to hold down the ropes, causing Iron to spill to the outside. An irish whip sends Iron right into the ring step and Icarus tries to use a chair on his opponent. The referee is able to take it away but Icarus pulls out a bag and nails Iron with it! Whatever was in that bag has put Iron out!

The countdown begins and Iron struggles to make his way to the ring before the 20 count expires. He makes it but immediately takes a Wings of Icarus -- a modified Pedigree -- for a two count. Icarus goes for a second but Iron reverses and forces his opponent in the corner with a collection of forearm. A double sledgehammer gets a two count for the "Handicapped Hero." Iron slaps on an STF but Icarus is able to get out. Iron grabs his opponent from behind but Icarus holds onto the referee. Unable to see the action, the referee is blind to Icarus' lowblow on the Royal Rumble hopeful. Icarus hits his Picture Perfect Blu-ray DVD (death valley driver) and picks up the win!

Winner: Icarus

Post-match, Icarus removes the referee's belt and threatened to continue the assault on Iron but Gran Akuma -- Icarus' old partner -- makes his return! He launches a kick at Icarus but the F.I.S.T. member is able to move out of the way and Akuma hits Iron!

@MysteriumP? A quick graphic is on the screen which displays only that Twitter handle.

UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked vs. Ares/Tim Donst

BDK attacks immediately before The Spectral Envoy are even able to make it to the ring. The masked warriors overcome the attack and take the fight to the ring. Double arm drag is following by Ares eating a knee in the corner from Hallowicked and a double-underhook suplex from Mantis.

A nice tag team move has Hallowicked hold Ares in a sidewalk slam position while Mantis hits a legdrop off the ropes. Donst is sent to the outside and Hallowicked attempts a splash but Donst hits a cutter as he flies out. BDK then take advantage of the lone Mantis inside the ring. Donst brutalizes Mantis with rolling gutwrench suplexes while Ares gives the masked wrestler a boot in between drops.

Ares hits a swanton off the top rope for two while Donst delivers an elbow to Hallowicked to keep him on the outside. Both BDK members choking Mantis in the corner when Hallowicked starts to stir. Donst makes his way to the outside to deal with him but The Spectral Envoy member is able to drop him throat first across the gate. Hallowicked grabs Ares and clotheslines him to the outside where the splashes both BDK members.

A bit of lag in the stream causes a jump in the action and it looks like all four men have made their way into the crowd. They're all brawling and Ares delivers a brutal suplex to Hallowicked across some folding chairs. Donst then hits a double axe handle on Hallowicked before setting up a trio of chairs and teasing a death valley driver. Hallowicked is able to slip out and get the upperhand.

Meanwhile, Ares is using the the ringsteps to attack Mantis and looks to hit a Pedigree on top of them. Mantis reverses and flips Ares over and he flies off the steps and through the chairs Donst set up earlier! HOLY POOP! In the ring, Hallowicked gets Donst to the top rope and flips him up and over through another chair! Two count! 

Jakob Hammermeier is out and attacking Hallowicked but Crossbones -- Mantis' old allie -- makes his return to run him off. Donst meanwhile has gotten the ring bell and attacks Hallowicked with it! Two count! Donst sets up a chair in the corner between the middle and top turnbuckle. He whips Hallowicked into it but the attempt is reversed and Donst goes head first! Praying Mantis Driver for two when Ares breaks the pin up!

Ares nails Mantis with a Tiger Driver but Mantis kicks out at two. Hallowicked now to his feet and it looks like it will be two on two but Donst leaves the ring! He begins walking to the backstage! The BDK is falling apart! Another Praying Mantis Driver -- this time on Ares and this time through a chair -- earns Mantis the win and the Eye of Tyr!

Winner: The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked)

It's time for the main event folks. Chikara will finally crown a Grand Champion.

Grand Championship title match: Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston

Quackenbush has Jigsaw in his corner, Kingston has Tommy Dreamer in his.

They lock up but neither gets the advantage so they break. They lock up again and Quackenbush starts to work over Kingston's elbow but the "War King" shoves him off. They lock up a third time and Quackenbush again begins attacking the elbow so his opponent responds by nailing the "Master of a Thousand Holds" with his free elbow.

They lock up and Kingston immediately begins chopping his opponent down before sending his opponent to the rope and hitting a big spinebuster. Quackenbush rolls to the the outside and drags Kingston halfway out and slams his injured knee along the apron. 

Back in the ring, whip to the corner, mike out apron, clothesline, leg slam on apron, knees  an dpin, 

Quackenbush continues working over Kingston's knee by torquing it and hitting elbows. Kingston is temporarily able to get a reprieve by slapping on a sleeper but has to eventually grabs the ropes to break the hold. Quackenbush to his feet quickly but Kingston is slower to get up. He pays for it when the Wrestle Factory founder delivers to boot to the injured knee.

Back on the mat and back to attacking the knee. They get back up and Quackenbush hits Kingston with a chop. He charges in and is met with a back elbow. But Quackenbush gets back in control quickly with another knee submission until it's 

manhatan drop by kingston, big boot for two, Quackenbush with a boot to the knee that drops Kingston straight to the mat. Another unique submission is fought off and the two begin jawing back and forth on the canvas before trading blows. Kingston obviously gets the upper hand in that exchange and nails a suplex and a clothesline when they get to their feet.

The locker room has cleared out and is surrounding the ring. Quackenbush scouts the Back Fist from the Future and dodges it and nails a Black Hole Slam for two. Quackenbush to the top rope and nails a perfect senton for two count. Back to the feet and Quackenbush is able to slap on the Lightning Lock which always looks extremely painful. Kingston is able to break the hold by grabbing onto the rope.

"Lightning" teases another Black Hole Slame but Kingston slips out and attempts another back fist that Quackenbush ducks! Quackendriver! And Kingston kicks out at one!!! Quackenbush climbs to the top rope and misses a double knee and Kingston begins to brutalize his smaller opponent.

Quackenbush back on the top and Kingston follows him up. They battle back and forth until Kingston is forced back to the ground. Quackenbush stands up, Kingston swings around with a Back Fist to the Future and nails his opponent's leg! "Lightning" falls to the mat and "War King" slaps on an ankle submission, causing Quackenbush to scream in pain! He breaks the hold in the ropes.

They crawl to their knees and begin trading punches, elbows, and headbutts. Quackenbush gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes and slaps Kingston! Kingston loves it! Quackenbush does it again and Kingston just goes nuts! A third attempt and Quackenbush eats a HUGE lariat! Back drop driver puts "Lightning" on his neck and is followed up with a double underhook suplex!

Back Fist to the Future! Another Back Fist to the Future to the back of Quackenbush's head! He's out! PIN! ONE TWO THREE! KINGSTON WINS!

Winner and NEW Grand Champion: Eddie Kingston

"War King" is presented with the title in a very emotional ceremony. He's in tears as the crowd chants Larry Sweeney's name. 

Kingston holds the belt up and looks towards the heavens. He says he promised the best wrestling product (emphasis on wrestling) today. He says that anyone from New York, anyone from "that piece of crap in Florida" can come to Philly. Be it CM Punk, John Cena, or AJ Styles, no one touched Chikara.

Fantastic show. If you didn't get a chance to get it live, order the replay as soon as you can. $15 for a great wrestling show? Sounds damn good to me.

This is Sergio, signing off!

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