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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Cactus Jack eats a Pedigree onto a pile of thumbtacks

Sorta like this but not fake. Okay, SCRIPTED!
Sorta like this but not fake. Okay, SCRIPTED!

Back in early 2000, it looked as if Mick Foley was on his way out of the wrestling business. Well, not technically out but he wasn't looking to be a full-time in-ring performer. I hear that the squared circle has a calling that can't be ignored so it should be no surprised that Foley's retirement didn't stick.

Regardless, on his way out, he was determined to help put over the newest monster heel in the WWE. That man was Triple H who had recently turned his back on his D-Generation X cohorts and became a rulebreaker. He sided up with The Corporation, drugged and married Stephanie McMahon -- or so they would have us believe! -- and basically held onto the WWE Championship with an iron fist.

Their feud culminated in Hell in a Cell match at No Way Out 2000 but the month prior, the two had an incredible Street Fight that helped pushed Triple H ensure the number one spot in PWI's Top 500 that year.

Here is the incredibly brutal ending to that match.

If you've seen a Mick Foley match -- nearly ANY Mick Foley match -- you've seen him do crazier stuff that this. Flaming tables, barbed wire, 2X4s... it's all old hand for Mama Foley's baby boy.

What makes this moment so awesome is that the deranged wrestler kicked out of the first Pedigree much to the champ's surprise. Foley had nearly walked out of the company over two years prior for Vince McMahon's treatment of Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1997 so he didn't seem like the kind of guy who would start shooting in the co-main event of the WWE's second biggest show of the year.

No, instead he kicked out to help put Triple H over.

Foley demanded to eat a Pedigree on the thumbtacks simply because it would make the champ look better. What a swell guy.

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