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Countdown to High Noon: Mike Quackenbush has been waiting for this for 10 years

He's won 37 titles... can he make it 38?
He's won 37 titles... can he make it 38?

It's been 10 years since Chikara opened their doors and let professional wrestling fans across the globe inside their unique and quirky take on the sport. It's been 10 years and not once has one man or woman been able to say that they were indisputably the best wrestler on the roster.

That all changes tomorrow (Nov. 13).

Because tomorrow Chikara makes the leap into the internet pay-per-view (iPPV) realm with the biggest show in their decade-long history, "High Noon."

Not only will fans get to see UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked take on Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK) members Ares and Tim Donst in a No Disqualification Tag Team War but they'll also witness Sara Del Rey try to get her revenge on BDK mouthpiece Jakob Hammermeier.

And not only will members of the Chikarmy The Colony battle The Young Bucks for a shot at the tag straps but Green Ant and Tursas as well as Colt Cabana and Archibald Peck look to settle their difference as well.

Fans will not only get all that plus even more, they'll also get the crowning of a Grand Champion.

In one corner, Eddie Kingston looks to fulfill a promise to a fallen friend.

In the other, Mike Quackenbush looks to fulfill his 10-year long destiny.

"The Master of a Thousand Holds" sat down with us at Cageside Seats Towers a few days ago. This is what he had to say.

Before we get started, check out this video from the company with several members of its roster explaining what makes Chikara such a special place and why "High Noon" will be a cant'-miss show.


Alright, folks! Here's Mike!

Cageside Seats: You've won a lot of championships in your day. Do you feel this one would be the most important?

Mike Quackenbush: Without a doubt. It will be the single most important win of my entire wrestling career.

Throughout the 12 Large: Summit, who was your toughest opponent and why?

Hallowicked is the only person in my block to defeat me, so I've got to give the guy his due. He's a world class pro when you get right down to it. 

Are you training any differently to prepare for Eddie Kingston?

My training is not what I had originally planned for, as I fractured my wrist in England back in August. So a lot of what my regimen was intended to be has changed. Cardio comes first and foremost. If it comes down to endurance, I'll still be standing while Eddie is sucking wind down on the mat. 

Any chance we'll see a new submission maneuver on Sunday?

At least one! They don't call me the "Master of a Thousand Holds" for nothin'! 

Aside from your own, what match at High Noon are you looking forward to the most?

I'm pulling for Green Ant in his rematch with Tursas. That kid has no quit in him.

As you prepare for your match, how closely will you pay attention to the match between The Colony and The Young Bucks? You're a former Campeonantos de Parejas champion yourself.

I'm going to have to leave that to my partner Jigsaw, but truth is, we know both those teams very well. If one of them should end up winning the titles from F.I.S.T., we'll be ready for them no matter what.

Talk to me about how and why JoshiMania -- a trio of women's wrestling shows the first weekend of December -- came about.

Itsuki Yamazaki of the Jumping Bomb Angels has always wanted to present true Joshi action here in the United States. She had been looking for an organization that she could partner with to help her realize this dream, and after seeing how things went when we brought Manami Toyota to the US last year, she chose CHIKARA. The rest is history.

Anything you'd like to close with?

Let us make you a CHIKARA fan this weekend. Watch all the videos on our YouTube channel, and then check out "High Noon" at 4 pm ET/3 pm CT on Sunday (Nov. 13), streaming out live - worldwide - via!


If you're unfamiliar with "Lightning," here are a few videos to get you up to speed:

Make sure to check out the fifth and final "High Noon Report" here before joining us tomorrow for LIVE match-by-match coverage of the historic show and follow along with us by ordering the event here!

The countdown is over... the time is nigh...


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