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On this date in WWF history: The Rock vs Stone Cold in one of the greatest dueling promos of all time

What's the difference between a 13-minute match and a 13-minute promo? There are no rest holds in a promo. So imagine how good you have to be to flap your gums for that long and not bore the audience or viewers at home.

Then try doing it in tune with someone else.

A dueling promo, much like a pro wrestling match, is as good or bad as the talent behind it. So what should you expect when The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin go head-to-head on the November 12, 2001, edition of Monday Night RAW?

The video above speaks for itself.

I'm not a big fan of today's shoot-style promo, or the constant interruptions, or the look-how-serious-we-are shtick. This is pro wrestling, chew the goddamn scenery once in awhile.

Anyone out there disagree?

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