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New WWE Network survey tells us their latest programming ideas

With the WWE Network set to launch in a few months time to capitalise on what should be the biggest wrestling show ever, WrestleMania 28, thanks to The Rock having his first singles match in nine years against John Cena, it's all steam ahead in the company to develop new programming to fill up the 24/7 schedule in time.  Already confirmed for the network are delayed airings of their major PPVs like HBO and Showtime does for boxing, an in-depth WrestleMania retrospective show and a WWE legends reality TV series.  Which is a solid start, but only a very small fraction of what they need for such a big undertaking.  Surely they must have more tricks up their sleeve?

Indeed they do, as a new WWE Network survey revealed their latest seventeen programming ideas that they want feedback on from their loyal WWE Universe members.  It seems like the WWE creative team have settled on two main themes in their recent network brainstorming sessions: out of the box reality shows that capitalise on the popularity of their biggest wrestling legends and stars, and novel ways to mine their huge tape library for fresh perspectives on old footage.  However, there is one key buzzword that underpins all their new show concepts, which is "social media".  It's guaranteed that the WWE Network will be highly interactive and be fully integrated with their online presence at, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube amongst others. 

Their ideas include a beer drinking reality show for Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley landing his dream job of being paid to travel America in search of the ultimate roller coaster ride, a Divas road trip show where they live together on a bus, Big Show Knows Bess as the idea of a cookery show for Paul Wight's wife turns into a standard family reality show, relationship advice (predominantly focused on scrawny guys packing on muscle) and workout shows, a show where middle-aged fans are taught how to wrestle (somehow this appalling breach of kayfabe got past Triple H) and a developmental reality show in the vein of Tough Enough/NXT.

Full synopses of all their potential shows are included after the jump.  Cagesiders, please use the comments section to air your thoughts on these ideas.  You never know, someone in Stamford, Connecticut, may be watching us!

Stone Cold Steve Austin and his counterpart, a refined beer expert, visit a different local brewery, pub, or beer fest/competition each week in different U.S. cities.  Follow the tour bus online by accessing the show's interactive GPS map and join Stone Cold as he meets the owners of different establishments around the country; learns how the beer gets made, learns what to eat with specific beers and on the whole, just has a great time.  If you'd watch this show, give me a ‘hell yeah!'

A show based on the real lives of the largest athlete in the world, the Big Show, and his wife Bess (who has a larger than life personality).  What does it take to feed a Giant?  What unusual things happen in every day life when you're 7 feet tall and weigh 500 pounds?  Travel on Big Show and Bess' tour bus from town to town; meet their giant mastiffs that sleep in their already cramped bed, and hear the outrageous stories about the Big Show and his blunders as only his wife can tell them.  Then connect with Show himself during his weekly check-in with fans at, where viewers can also find un-lockable bonus clips, Bess's blog, and the "Show cam", a 24/7 webcam documenting the couple's life at home.

Join Mick Foley as he tours the greatest adventure parks in the United States in search of the ultimate roller coaster ride.  Experience the food, the people, and the thrill of the action hosted by the greatest roller coaster enthusiast in the WWE, Mick Foley.  Learn more about these amazing thrill rides via's interactive coaster map; an annotated guide to the best amusements in the country. Post your own comments, and debate with Mick about the best dips and dives in Theme Park-Dom.

Akin to Ice Road Truckers or Deadliest Catch, this series would follow the WWE Road Crews from show to show to illustrate the many facets of what it takes to put on a live television show week after week.  This program will follow the lives of everyone backstage: the truckers, the caterers, the television engineers, the pyro crew, as well as the WWE Superstars.  What does it take to put on the biggest traveling show in the world week in and week out?  Watch to find out, and go online to read the daily posts and photos from these road warriors' themselves; or thumb through's official guide to landing a job on the Road Crew, and submit your resume!

A reality show that is the exact opposite of The Biggest Loser; based on WWE Superstars helping "skinny" or "scrawny" guys put on muscle mass while providing tips to build their confidence to get their dream girl.  Follow along online, where the WWE Superstars provide exclusive live tips during programming, and where the contestants document their progress on a weekly basis. 

Die-hard, middle-aged fans live out their childhood dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar by training in the ring, learning how to talk on the microphone, and getting "slammed" by their childhood hero.  Vote each week to rate how well contestants are performing inside the ring and help them develop their WWE persona through live online polling. 

Each show features a different WWE Superstar or Diva taking a WWE fan through their workout.  Watch as the fan sweats through a routine while learning about different training techniques as well as general workout and nutritional tips for people who are looking to get in shape.

Amazing Race meets Road Trip as the WWE Universe competes for the ultimate prize; front row tickets to WrestleMania. Teams of WWE fans will travel the country through various challenges and roadblocks to score their chance to witness the greatest live event spectacular in entertainment, WrestleMania.

The ultimate behind-the-scenes look into the lives of six Divas as they work, train, and party together across the country in the confines of a tour bus; think Bret Michaels' Rock of Love Tour meets Road Rules; WWE Diva's style.  How do 6 Divas share one shower?  What happens when a jilted lover gets intimate with another Diva on the bus?  If you thought there were sparks in The Ring every night, wait until you see what happens on The Bus...(and make sure to watch each week for a special code that unlocks the bus's live 24/7 webcam!)  

Think Hard Knocks meets 24/7 as we follow the lives of hopeful WWE Superstars and Divas as they work, train, and struggle their way to the main roster.  What relationships develop as the personal and professional lives of these young men and women intersect?  Who dominates as the "alpha male"?  Be a part of their triumphant success or witness the crushing blow of their failure.  Who will make it up the ladder?  Connect with the trainers during the show to make your opinion known, go online to pull up the live "heat map," which rates which talents are trending most with fans in social circles, and login to Facebook to access bonus "confessional" footage. 

What match would you like to see the most?  What classic WWE moment would you like to relive?  You decide!  Hosted out of the WWE's state of the art HD Studio, this is where the WWE Universe programs the show and selects the content through social media voting and polling.

A series about the romantic relationships in the WWE; showcasing famous relationships of the past between Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, Stephanie McMahon and HHH, Edge & Lita, Mr. McMahon's multiple conquests, and more!  

From George "The Animal Steel", to the likes of Goldust, Mankind, and the Brood, this 10 part series focuses on the careers and back stories of the "oddest" WWE Superstars in WWE history.  Who do you think was the WWE's most unusual character?  You can join the conversation through social media and upload your ideas for the most "different" WWE characters.

From DX imitating the Nation, to Edge and Christian's escapades, to The Rock's classic interviews, this 10 part series highlights the WWE's most hilarious scenes, commentary, and bloopers.  You will have the chance to rate these moments through social media and earn points for finding content we might have missed!  This program is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

Hosted by Mick Foley, this program will feature the best OMG moments in Sports Entertainment History.  Relive Foley's death defying fall off Hell in the Cell, Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb to the outside of the ring off a 12 foot ladder, or Shane McMahon's drop off the side of the Titan Tron.  What was going through their minds as they jumped or fell?  What did it feel like when they landed?  Would they do it all over again?  Ask your questions online and have them answered in exclusive interviews by the WWE Superstars who lived the moment.

Classic matches from the libraries of the NWA, AWA, WCW, WWE, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling and more, are given a modern day presentation.  The bouts of Legends like Bruno Sammartino, Bobo Brazil and Bob Backlund are enhanced with onscreen factoids and interactive interviews that offer a never before seen experience in Sports Entertainment history.

What happened the night Mr. McMahon's limo exploded?  What happened the night Stone Cold Steve Austin filled Mr. McMahon's prize corvette with concrete?  What incident led to the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and the Undertaker?  Relive these classic moments on television and interact via a second screen experience allowing you to unlock exclusive scenes and interviews in a never before seen one hour show.  Go back to the water cooler!

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