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Update on former WWE star Mark Canterbury: Second surgery required on his leg

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The string of accidents, mishaps and general health issues surrounding pro wrestlers is never ending, it seems. One of the latest is former WWE superstar Mark Canterbury, who wrestled as pig farmer Henry Godwinn in the 90s.

Canterbury was recently involved in a car crash that resulted in several injuries. He's been in intensive care ever since. brings an update on his condition:

He had his second surgery on his leg yesterday. He is answering questions by nodding his head. He can't speak due to having a tube down his throat. He is on a ventilator. The doctor said he is right where they want him to be.

Canterbury may not have been the most popular pro wrestler with the most storied of careers but we at Cageside Seats certainly wish him all the best during his recovery.

You can read more about him by clicking here.

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