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Cageside Quote: Could the Dudley Boyz end up back in WWE? 'Absolutely'

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At least that's according to Devon, who told his contract comes up in August of next year and there's a possibility he and Bully Ray will jump ship back to WWE:

"The contract is still valid up until August; this coming August of next year. The fans on Twitter, Facebook, and in general, in the streets and at the house shows, a lot of the fans wanting Bubba and myself to return to the WWE because of the history we have there and what we've done and accomplish. I guess with the state of how the WWE is going now where you see a lot guys from our era, the Attitude Era, starting to make their way back slowly but surely, and not to mention they've been wanting that for a while, in terms of tag teams.... Could there be a chance we could be back in the WWE? Absolutely. Could there be a chance we stay in TNA? Absolutely."

The Dudleyz (with the "z" instead of the "s," remember?) were jettisoned from WWE way back in 2005 and have been rocking the TNA scene ever since.

There hasn't been much to brag about but Bubba, who goes by the presumably much tougher name "Bully Ray," has turned himself into quite the workable heel. I could actually see him being a valuable commodity to the WWE if he was ever interested in returing.

Devon, on the other hand, has always needed his partner to get over and offers very little in the way of a singles wrestler. That may sound harsh but it's the reality of the situation. Can you imagine Devon in a main event against John Cena? What about Bully Ray?

There you go.

How many Cagesiders would like to see the Dudley Boyz make a WWE return late next year?

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