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Christian injured at WWE Smackdown house show in Belgium, status for Survivor Series unclear

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AJ Styles isn't the only one suffering with ankle issues.

WWE superstar Christian also suffered an ankle injury at a Smackdown house show last night (Nov. 9) in Brussels, Belgium, according to the Wrestling Observer.

The report notes that it's a sprain, which means it could be healed in time for Survivor Series in 10 days in New York, but it was serious enough that he was flown home.

Sprained ankles are tricky business. I, myself, have suffered two separate grade two sprains of my left ankle and both times my recovery was completely different. The first time, I couldn't even let blood flow go to it without having it completely lock up and cause me unmentionable pain for no less than three or four days. I was told by a doctor I would walk just fine within two weeks.

It took about a month.

The second time was different. The injury came years later but on the very same ankle. I was informed it was once again a grade two sprain but it felt much different than the first time. In fact, I was actually able to walk out of the hospital on it and never lost any real mobility.

With the first injury, there's no way in hell I could have worked a wrestling match 10 days later. With the second, it would have been no problem.

The good news is that Christian has that much time to recover to get himself ready for the biggest pay-per-view WWE has put together in months. Even better news is that his match is a 5-on-5 elimination traditional Survivor Series match, meaning he can be protected if he can only go at 50-percent.

The good news for fans is that he can easily be replaced if he can't go.

Stay tuned for any updates on Christian's condition and whether or not he'll be able to work Survivor Series.

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