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TNA Impact results and live blog for Nov. 10: Heel Bobby Roode

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TNA comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Nov. 10, 2011) with its Impact Wrestling show featuring a heel Bobby Roode as heavyweight champion.

Despite the Turning Point pay-per-view being just three days away, it still doesn't have an advertised main event. Never fear, though, that changes tonight.

Ronnie from Jersey Shore is also back for his very first match as a professional wrestler, teaming up with Eric Young against Robbie E. and Robbie T. That should provide plenty of laughs thrills.

Not to mention the match you see advertised in the photo above. Oh who will the mystery partner be?

Spoilers are already out and available but those are no fun, so follow along with your favorite Cagesiders with our running live blog with all the results of tonight's show.

The fun kicks off at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV. See you then, folks.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Recap airs of Roode winning the heavyweight title and Storm flipping out in the back afterwards. Roode's music hits and he's out first.

The crowd starts booing him -- still piping in canned heat -- and Roode acts like he can't understand why they're booing him. Ah, that's it. They weren't saying, "Booo!" they were saying "Roode!"

Good one, Bobby.

He's really playing it up now, calling the Macon crowd a bunch of hillbillies and morons. "The is a new generations of selfishness and I am the leader of the new generation. Doing things the right way in today's society gets you absolutely nothing. It gets you nowhere. This is a dog eat dog world and last week, I ate James Storm for lunch. And that stupid sorry son of a bitch didn't see it coming. But that's not my fault ... that's on you James."

Not a bad promo at all.

They show Storm in the back and he's all pissed off while he's watching on the monitor. Tries to make his way to the ring but gets stopped by security while Roode continues to talk about winning the belt.

Storm finally pops the security guard and he comes out to the stage. Takes out at least four more security guards and tries to get to Roode, who just runs away. While he backs away up the ramp, Sting's music hits.

Business is about to pick up, as old J.R. would say.

"Hey Bobby, where you going, Bobby?"

Well, he's trying to haul ass outta here, Stinger.

Sting gets some cheap heat by mentioning where they are. Says the world title rematch is going down ... and it's going down TONIGHT!

TNA will have effectively given away the tease, the turn, the match and the rematch in all of three weeks. That's unbelievable.

Tazz and Mike Tenay run down the card for tonight.

They show Ronnie from Jersey Shore walking in the back taking pointers from Eric Young.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Dixie Carter is walking through the back with Bjorn Rebney, the CEO of Bellator.

A promo airs featuring Crimson and Matt Morgan. Considering all the turmoil surrounding Morgan right now at home, it's a little hard to watch him. Best wishes go out to him and his family.

The Pope is pimpin' and he's out for a match against the red man himself.

Do TNA wrestlers have the absolute worst entrance music in the history of pro wrestling?

Yes, yes they do.

Crimson vs. The Pope -- They chain wrestle to start before Crimson hits a shoulder block off the ropes and flexes like he's tough. Except he just looks silly and slightly constipated. More chain wrestling but this time Pope gets the edge coming off the ropes with a DDT.

TNA is pushing Twitter by running questions and answers from fans at the bottom of the screen. They actually incorporated sounds into their shitty graphics. I'm almost ready to turn the TV off after that.

Pop still has the edge in the ring and he's coming off the second rope. Runs right into the Red Sky, though, and that's it for this one.

Gunner in the back cutting a promo on Garrett Bischoff. Says he's going to teach the young kid some respect for the chain of command.

Uh, he actually just said this -- "Get ready, Garrett. It's going to be a walk in the park."

Oh, man, should he bring a picnic basket with him, Gunner?

Commercial break.

Gunner comes out with Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair while they roll footage from last week showing Garrett taking out his old man.

Garrettt doesn't even have entrance music. I guess that's better than the cheesy hard/metal/hair band trash most of these guys are coming out to.

Bischoff, Eric I mean, is yelling at his son, saying "you're going down, punk."

Bell rings and Gunner is walking Garrett down and telling him he messed with the wrong group of guys. Flair and Bischoff are on the outside laughing. Gunner converses with them and when he turns around, Garrett hits him with an arm drag. Boom, then another. Then a hip toss and a big back body drop.

Crowd is actually getting into this a bit and of course, Flair and Eric run in and the match is over. Disqualification win for Garrett. Eric is in the ring asking Gunner what happened and jumping up and down stomping his feet like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum.

Ha, Robbie E in the back looking for Ronnie from Jersey Shore. Trying to get into Ronnie and Eric Young's locker room. Ha. Ronnie pushes Robbie E and he immediately jumps behind Robbie T and starts yelling, "HOLD ME BACK, BRO!"

God, he's awesome.

Commercial break.

We're back and they abruptly show Storm in the back looking chunky as hell with his stomach all rolled up up against a wall. He's bleeding all over the place and looking completely out of it.

Injury angle!

I guess that rematch isn't happening tonight after all.

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen -- Recap of Sorensen defeating Austin Aries last week before starting this match with a few arm drags. More Twitter graphics at the bottom of the screen.

Let it go, pro wrestling. Leave Twitter on the Internet. 

Soresen is flying to the outside while I'm complaining and hitting a nice little spot. They get back in the ring and Ion, who they really want us to know is from the Phillipines, hits a spinning cross body from the top rope.

Goes back up top and tries to hit a 360 splash but lands face first. He's selling like the wind is knocked out of him, which it might actually be. Sorensen gets the pin shortly after.

Kid Kash immediately comes out with a microphone talking down the jobber while he's taken out. Says he's going to give Sorensen a treat at Turning Point. A three-way dance for the X-Division championship. Kash has a contract with him and it only needs one more signature.

"Sign it, Sorensen."

He does and Kash tells him he just made the biggest mistake in his new wrestling career. "Oh and by the way, your mother is really proud of you. Tell her I said 'thank you.'"

This prompts a few punches from Sorensen that lead to Aries coming out to attack Sorensen. Kash recovers and piledrives the shit out of Sorensen. Looked like he broke his damn neck. That was great.

Cut to the back and the ladies are talking. Karen Jarrett pumping up Gail Kim saying she'll win the Knockout's title at Turning Point.

Commercial break.

Knockout's Tag Team Championships are at stake in this one.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne -- Sky starts by kicking the crap out of Rayne. If Velvet was wearing any less clothing, she would be in her birthday suit. Not that that's a bad thing. Rayne sends Sky into the ropes and James tags herself in. Hits a few spots and does a kip up.

I won't lie. That was pretty hot.

Heads to the top rope but gets knocked off by Kim, who tags in and takes control. Speaking of which, she's back to her old self now that she's back in TNA. For once, that's a good thing. As she works over James, she taunts Sky in the corner. Considering they'll have a match this Sunday night at Turning Point, that makes sense.

Mickie makes her comeback with a neckbreaker and now she's looking for the hot tag. Gets it and Sky comes in hitting lariat after lariat before a few facebreakers and a face plant. Near fall broken up by Rayne. James hits a Thesz press off the top rope. Karen Jarrett distracts the referee, which allows Kim to take advantage of Sky.

Earl Hebner, bless him, counts the pinfall from the outside of the ring. He was seriously standing up outside the ring and slapped the mat three times.

It's like these people don't even care anymore.

Ronnie from Jersey Shore is up next so it's only going to get better, right?


Commercial break.

James Storm in the back being told by doctors he can't compete tonight. Sting shows up and Storm pleads with him to let him get to Roode tonight. Sting says he'll let the doctor decide but since Storm can't even tell where he is right now, that makes it pretty easy.

Recap airs showing the issues between Robbie E and T and Ronnie and Eric Young. Now we're really ready for this match.

Robbie E and T vs. Eric Young and Ronnie -- I missed the opening of this match but I will say I can see already that Ronnie looks utterly ridiculous. He's wearing a shirt and jeans and getting a hot tag? What the hell. Hits a clothesline on Robbie E and then picks him up for a body slam. Rips his shirt off and Young hits and elbow drop off the top. Robbie T tries to come in to make the save but can't and Ronnie gets the pin.

Tazz remarks, "Somehow Eric Young is in his underwear."

Yes, cheetah style.

Backstage promo with Jeff Jarrett claiming he's going to take out Jeff Hardy tonight. Bully Ray is going to take out Mr. Anderson. Scott Steiner says he's pissed and he'll take out whoever the mystery partner is.

He then promptly heads to the toilet to take a shit. Ray tells him to make sure he remembers the courtesy flush.

TNA, ladies and sirs.

Commercial break.

Backstage for another segment and it's Ink Inc. going at it with Mexican America. Big brawl in catering.

Bjorn Rebney is now with Tenay and Tazz. Rebney says he watches every week and to be sitting beside them is "magic."

He can't be serious.

At least he's out to commentate on a match that won't be a complete joke.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles -- Daniels opens by working over Styles in the corner. AJ quickly returns the favor while Rebney gets his chance to put over the fact that Bellator was recently bought out by Viacom, the parent company of Spike TV. There will be a ton of cross promotion now under the terms of the new deal. Dana White never wanted the UFC to be associated with TNA, so he stayed away.

He's a smart man.

Meanwhile, in the ring, where an actual match is taking place, Styles hits a big dropkick. Rebney calls him a spectacular athlete and says if there's one guy who could make the transition to the Bellator cage and be successful, it's Styles.

Daniels regains control and hits a springboard off the ropes for a two count. Now he's working a body scissors but Styles uses a few elbows to get out. Back body drop sets up a springboard backflip DDT from the corner. That was a hell of a spot.

Styles going to town now, ending with an elbow off the top rope and a kip up. Second one tonight.

They go to the outside and Daniels hits a backbreaker before looking under the ring for a weapon. He grabs the screwdriver from a toolbox that just so happened to be sitting there. As Styles is getting up, Rob Van Dam comes out and steals the screwdriver. Daniels turns around, finisher, pinfall.

Commercial break.

Time for the six-man tag match. Immortal comes out and of all the horrific theme music in TNA, the Immortal song annoys me the least.

Then Mr. Anderson's plays and I want to blow my brains out. I like it that Anderson's from Green Bay. It makes it all the easier to dislike everything about him.

What the hell? While Jeff Hardy makes his way out, they actually go to head to break. 

Commercial break.

The mystery partner is Abyss. Bully Ray acts like he saw a ghost. They waste another five minutes on a bunch of garbage. Finally the match starts and Steiner will kick things off with Jeff Hardy. Steiner's chest looks caved in and weird, like he hasn't been working on his pectoral muscles, not even a little bit.

Anderson in against Jarrett after Hardy and Steiner tag out and it's Anderson with a neckbreaker and the early edge. Jarrett comes back, though and tags in Bully Ray. He comes in and hits three straight standing elbow drops for a two count.

Steiner back in and he hits a standing elbow drop before demanding the ref count. He does and the match continues.

Anderson finally gets a tag out and Hardy comes in and cleans house. Leg drop off the top rope and right when he went for the Swanton Bomb, he was taken out by Jarrett. A modified clusterf*ck ensued that eventually resulted in Steiner hitting a falling backdrop on Hardy from the top rope.

Ray back in and works a body scissors. Jarrett in soon after and Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind to lay them both out. Hot tag time, again.

Abyss comes in and takes out everybody. Before long, everyone hits a finisher on someone else. Eventually, it's Abyss who gets the pin on Steiner.

Time for the main event. Roode hits the ring while Tenay and Tazz speculate on whether or not Storm will be able to compete tonight. 

Commercial break.

Storm's music hits and plays for a few minutes but he never comes out. Roode laughs in the ring. The music cuts out and then comes back on. Still no "Cowboy."

Hey, there he is. He's bleeding like crazy from his head and he's stumbling around like he's Jeff Hardy at Victory Road. He gets halfway to the ring and suddenly stops selling and runs into the ring and starts kicking the ever loving shit out of Roode.

After hitting a few big punches and a back body drop, Storm goes out on his own. Literally just falls down and lays there. Like Shawn Michaels' fake concussion back in the day.

Acted just as poorly.

Trainer comes to the ring and says he's got a head injury and he needs to go to the hospital. Roode starts acting like he's concerned. Kneeling down over him and trying to pick him up. The referee and Roode both pick Storm up and Roode asks the ref if the match is over. The ref says no, so Roode rolls him up and the ref counts the pin.

"I did it. I beat him again!"

Ha. That was phenomenal.

Sting comes out and looks all pissy. Styles takes a mic and asks what's wrong with Roode. "You're a piece of trash, that's what you are. I'm not laying down bleeding. Why don't you come down and get some."

Says he's got a better idea. He wants Roode at Turning Point in three days. Some dumbass music starts playing before the show is over and actually plays over Sting announcing that the match is on for this Sunday at the pay-per-view.

What a horrible ending to what had been an awesome sequence. TNA just can't get out of its own way.


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