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Evan Bourne suspended 30 days for WWE Wellness Policy violation

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Well, I guess this explains why the tag team champions have been jobbing on Smackdown and Raw.

One half of Air Boom, Evan Bourne, has been suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Per it is his first violation.

As stated, Bourne and his tag partner, Kofi Kingston, did non-title jobs on both Raw and Smackdown this past week. It seemed odd at the time to have them lose, especially to a mismatched tag team like Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.

What doesn't make sense, though, is why they wouldn't have them drop the titles before Bourne's suspension went into effect.

Theoretically, this news just broke and they didn't have time to, but we know WWE doesn't operate in this manner, so why not just have them lose the straps and when Bourne comes back they can win them at a pay-per-view? Again, the booking has been super weird for weeks now.

Imagine how much more heat would be on The Miz and R-Truth if they won the belts from Air Boom leading up to their tag match at Survivor Series against The Rock and John Cena. Instead of Cena running through both of them and killing any excitement for a pending match, it would have done wonders to build anticipation and credibility for two heels that are badly lacking it right now.

Who would have thought Bourne would be a Wellness violation candidate, though?

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