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James Storm says he suffered a concussion at TNA TV tapings in Macon, Georgia

Sorry about your damn luck, indeed.
Sorry about your damn luck, indeed.

Just last week, James Storm was on top of the little corner of the pro wrestling world that TNA occupies.

That's because he won the heavyweight title in a glorified squash match on Impact from an ailing Kurt Angle, just one show removed from his Beer Money tag partner Bobby Roode coming up short.

Controversy from the odd bookings aside, it was a damn good moment for one of the better home-grown performers on the TNA roster.

Now, though, Storm is now saying that he suffered an injury at the first set of TV tapings after he won the title. TNA hit Macon, Georgia, back on Oct. 26 to tape its Impact Wrestling show that will air this coming Thurs., Nov. 3 and that's apparently when it happened.

From his Twitter:

"Had a ct head scan and a MRI yesterday. Hate when doctors just come in and give you a look. Just tell me the bad news. Cowboy up!!! Confirmed.... Tv tapings in Macon the cowboy sustaind a concussion. Doc says 6-8 weeks. But that's for a normal man."

It should be noted that he's been wrestling house shows since those tapings, so this is either TNA running an angle or once again badly handling a major injury.

Let's hope they're just running an angle here because we've seen enough utter and complete incompetence on the part of TNA that it's conceivable they would let Storm wrestle with a concussion. And that's the last thing that needs to happen.

If you would like to read spoilers for what happens at the Macon tapings click here.

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