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Video: Big Show returns to Smackdown and choke slams Mark Henry through announce table

Add one more in a growing line of phenomenal segments from world heavyweight champion Mark Henry. Two things stick out to me that make this video so unbelievably great.

1. Henry's facial expressions after watching Big Show use the big punch to knock out one of the security guards. It happens around the 3:10 mark. He conveys the fact that he can't believe what he just saw while also showing that he has reason to be worried about Show as a potential challenger to his title.

2. How great Henry made the choke slam through the table look at the 5:08 mark. He's a big guy, but he managed to get himself fairly high up so Show could slam him down emphatically to really sell it big time. Just phenomenal work.

The ending was great, too, with Teddy Long telling Show he had his title shot as long as he didn't put Henry out of commission.

Smackdown just keeps getting better.

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