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Latest on WWE roster walkout: 'Solidarity Rally' to be held at Raw on Oct. 10 in Oklahoma City

Photo via <a href="" target="new">WWE</a>
Photo via WWE

Each day that passes brings more news on the latest of the WWE roster walking out on Triple H during Raw last week. Everyone who worked last night at Smackdown did so but now that Raw is just days away from Oklahoma City on Oct. 10, an actual plan of action must be put in place.

After all, who wants to watch a pro wrestling show with no pro wrestlers? brings the word that a "Solidarity Rally" is in the works for next Monday night featuring every single one of the superstars that walked out last week.

In the wake of news that WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H has vowed to absolutely not step down from running Monday night's Raw Supershow, Christian has spearheaded an effort by various Superstars, Divas, referees, announcers and crew members to travel to Oklahoma City and stage a "Solidarity Rally" in the backstage parking lot of the Chesapeake Energy Arena prior to the show. The contingent, which consists of those who walked out on Triple H this past Monday night, have asserted that they will not return to the Raw Supershow or step into the building to perform until Triple H relinquishes control of the show.

The article goes on to play up the fact that CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show are all scheduled to headline the show. There's also an added emphasis on what will happen when those five men enter the arena with the entire roster outside protesting.

This could get really interesting if for nothing else, just to see how it plays out. I imagine something along the lines of multiple superstars crossing picket lines, so to speak, and joining the show slowly but surely until a core group of disgruntled heels remain.

Realistically, is there any way something like that doesn't happen? Are they just going to protest the entire show? I can't see how WWE could make that into anything resembling the least bit of sense.

Any ideas on how this will play out? How should it? And is it a good idea?

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