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TNA ratings for Oct. 6 Impact Wrestling show featuring Hulk Hogan retirement tease worst of the year

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Impact Wrestling</a>
Photo via Impact Wrestling

The ratings are in for last night's (Oct. 6) episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, which heavily featured the Hulk Hogan retirement tease storyline and the continued push of Bobby Roode on his way to a title shot against Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.

And while the past few weeks of TNA television have been far better than what we're used to, the numbers don't reflect that. In fact, PWTorch brings word that last night's episode was the lowest rated of the year:

TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursday, October 6 scored a 1.01 rating, the lowest of the year and down from a 1.14 rating last week, for an episode marketed around Hulk Hogan's retirement tease.

Impact averaged 1.38 million viewers, which was the second-lowest audience of the year, just ahead of 1.36 million viewers on September 8.

There is, of course, the disclaimer that TNA faced some extreme competition from both Jersey Shore on MTV and, more importantly, the MLB playoffs on TBS. But it wasn't just a regular playoff game, it the deciding game in the opening round series between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers.

Naturally, Impact was going to take a hit.

The other problem with running a storyline like they have, with Hogan teasing retirement, is that TNA is a taped show. When spoilers are readily available online, what incentive to fans have to tune in if they know the entire angle is just a load of crap, even if it's executed well?


It's unfortunate, too, because Roode has been brilliant and they've finally truly gotten behind him as a main event level player. That includes releasing UFC Countdown style videos and playing them on the show that really makes it feel like his match at Bound for Glory against Kurt Angle is a big deal.

The silver lining? Really only one way to go here -- up. The product has been good and if they continue on the current course, eventually, fans will come back around.

Just keep on keeping the poison out.