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WWE reveals plans for next Monday night's Raw

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Yes, it's the storyline that just keeps on giving.

After almost the entire WWE locker room chose to walk out on Triple H due to "unsafe work conditions," it's been questioned how exactly it is they plan to explain why none of them will be there for next week's show, which is just a couple days away.

Triple H gave a kayfabe interview today where he talked about what to expect:

"At this point, all I know is what we've put out there and what's been confirmed. John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show have all confirmed that they will be there Monday night. Beyond that, I might not have referees, I might not have announcers, I might not have cameramen. Quite frankly, I don't know what's going to happen. The way I see it, those guys have stepped up to the plate and I'm glad they did. The way I see it, we owe it to the WWE Universe to put on a show one way or the other and we're going to put on a hell of a show. Nobody else wants to show up... I don't get it. I guess I look at the business differently than everybody else does. In the WWE, we face challenges in the ring. We respond to these things in the ring, we don't walk away like a bunch of little kids and that's really want they've done at this point. We'll see what we come up with on Monday. Who knows, they might all show up and I might not let anybody back in."

I love the idea of this storyline but it just has too many plot holes and weird booking to go along with it. The execution has been brilliant but why only protect the big babyfaces and leave guys like Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston, the tag team champions, to get booed and made fun of by Triple H?

Certain heels claiming unsafe work conditions is fine as long as we know it's just a ploy from a bad guy who wants to get out of having to actually do anything or defend his title or something along those lines. But they trotted out Mark Henry to participate in the walkout. Yes, that Mark Henry. The one who put multiple wrestlers on the shelf, who likely ended the career of Great Khali and has created more of an unsafe work environment than Miz and R-Truth ever could, is walking out with everyone else because of unsafe work conditions.

It just makes no sense.

Now, WWE is taking a page out of the big media headlines and borrowing from a major story taking place on Wall Street. Heels like Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett are keeping kayfabe alive on Twitter with a new initiative they're calling "Occupy Raw." Presumably they would do so until Triple H is ousted and, as Barrett put it, they're "safety is secured."

There's only so far they can go with an angle like this and I'm still trying to reserve judgement until we get to the end.

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