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TNA results, reactions and videos from Impact Wrestling show on Oct. 6

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Impact Wrestling</a>
Photo via Impact Wrestling

I suppose it's no surprise to learn that Vince Russo has been ousted as head of the TNA Creative team and Bruce Prichard has taken over. The results have been evident in watching Impact Wrestling over the past few weeks, which has been a remarkably improved show.

Tonight's (Oct. 6) episode was no different.

I hadn't been a believer in the build up to the Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match at Bound for Glory. For starters, the match shouldn't be taking place due to the "Hulkster's" health, and I still believe as much. Secondly, the idea of selling a match weeks before the pay-per-view while running an angle where one of its participants is going to retire is completely contradictory.

But once I saw the execution, with both Sting and Hogan performing brilliantly and the crowd really getting into it, I became a fan. It was executed well and while there are still many limitations, I'm not nearly as aggressively against the match.

Bobby Roode's push continued tonight with an awesome match against his Beer Money partner, James Storm. The chemistry between the two mixed with the amazing storytelling and in-ring work of both guys combined to make the show by itself. Even the run-in by Kurt Angle didn't take away from the program. It actually added to it.

Even the Jeff Hardy angle has been executed brilliantly, despite the fact that the entire thing is like bizarro world. Should he be a sympathetic babyface like they're making him into? No. The reality is he shouldn't even have a job. But because he's the most over guy on the entire roster, they're giving him one more go of it and so far it's working just fine.

Let's just hope we don't get Victory Road part deux.

All the videos from tonight's show are included after the jump.

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