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Filed under: oversight allows nude photos of ex-WWE Divas to be posted online by fans

"Sorry Eve, I'd prefer to fap to Chyna" - The Miz on today.  Via <a href=""></a>.
"Sorry Eve, I'd prefer to fap to Chyna" - The Miz on today. Via

In a story of breathtaking incompetence, someone at thought it would be a great idea to allow fans to upload photos they had taken from live WWE events on their sub-site without anyone moderating the gallery before the pictures were posted online.  You can probably guess where this story is going.  Yes, this meant that several nude / risque / comedic photos appeared on their website this morning after they were uploaded by rogue fans and were up long enough before they were deleted for people to notice.  The non-PG content included:  

  • A nude photo of former WWE Diva Taryn "Tiffany" Terrell, the ex-wife of Drew McIntyre, from her days as a Playboy model.
  • A series of three photos starting with a close-up still photo of Chyna's clitoris from her infamous sex tape with Sean Waltman called "One Night In China" (which would be enough to scar children for life), followed by a photo of TNA's Mike Tenay and Don West looking on approvingly, and finishing with a picture of The Miz saying "I'd fap to that" (no chance while he's still dating Maryse).
  • A scantily clad photo of Trish Stratus.
Eventually WWE decided to pull the sub-site from their web domain and have the URL redirect to their main site instead.  Heads should roll, as whomever designed the live events photo gallery showed a stunning lack of common sense by not ensuring that the pictures had to be approved first before they would be posted online.

This blunder may be a symptom of the chaos going on behind the scenes at  The website in the past month has undergone a lot of unnecessary upheaval, as part of a recent company restructuring that has placed in a new corporate division called WWE Creative led by Stephanie McMahon.  The first move Stephanie made was to fire Brian Kalinowski, the Executive Vice President of Digital Media and Mark Keys, the Vice President of Digital and Interactive Content Production & Social Media, apparently for no good reason other than to put new people in charge who would owe their jobs to her.  Even before the firings, morale had been in the toilet at the digital media department when they found out that Stephanie had become the head of their group and everything they did in future had to be coordinated through her office.  One wonders if the old regime would have caught this problem before it caused the company the blushes it did today.

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