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WWE Raw ratings for Oct. 3 show featuring Triple H vote of no confidence up from previous week

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Photo via WWE

The ratings are in for last night's (Oct. 3) episode of WWE Raw, which featured the mass walkout of almost the entire roster after voting no confidence against Triple H as COO. It was also the first Raw since the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view this past Sun., Oct. 2.

Did the numbers reflect increased interest in this angle. PWTorch has the word:

WWE Raw on Monday, October 3 scored a 3.04 rating the night after Hell in a Cell, up from a 2.92 rating last week and the highest rating since the end of August.

Raw averaged 4.27 million viewers overall, up three percent from an average of 4.15 million viewers last week, but down two percent from an average of 4.33 million viewers two weeks ago.

Raw averaged 4.12 million viewers in the first hour, which was nearly identical to last week's first hour viewership. Unlike last week, which declined in viewership in the second hour, Raw increased to an average of 4.42 million in the second hour for two big segments - a 12-man tag match and the "walk-out" angle centered on Triple H.

Good news for Triple H's ego big money angle he's running with as COO -- the numbers were up for his segment to close the show. This week's episode started with a straight wrestling match between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre, which is unusual for Raw, seeing as they like to kick things off with a promo to help recap the events of the previous evening.

Instead, they went with the way of building towards an explosive end of the show in which the entire roster walked out on Triple H. It was a really well produced segment and while it had some holes we could easily pick apart, it was something new and different that we're best served to take a wait and see approach to before judging too harshly.

Momentum is an important force in the business of professional wrestling and it shall be most interesting to see if WWE can keep making gains. The competition will continue to be monumentally difficult to overcome but it's not out of line to think they could have actually stumbled upon something big here.

Let's hold out hope for that. In the meantime, are you surprised at all with the ratings? Or is this about what you expected?

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