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WWE Raw results and reactions from Oct. 3 in Lafayette

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WWE Raw Supershow tonight (Oct. 3, 2011) emanated from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Tonight's edition marked the first show since the event's of Hell in a Cell last night in New Orleans.

Before we get to the reactions to the show, it's time to give a shout out to the Cageside commenter who delivered the "Comment of the Night" in the Raw live blog thread. And that honor goes to mqatrombone, who dropped this gem after Triple H said he works for the fans -- "If you work for us, Paul, could you please stay off our TVs?" Well done, my friend.

If you want full results from Raw tonight, click here for the running blog. Time to get to reactions from the show:

  • What was the point of advertising Big Show returning on Smackdown if everyone was just going to walk out on Raw tonight? Doesn't that mean there is no Smackdown now? We know Triple H is supposed to be done for now that he's gotten the vote of no confidence from the entire roster but this particular cliffhanger actually needed a bookend.
  • That said, awesome segment. I hate, hate, hate it that Triple H is once again the center of attention and that mark crowd in Louisiana almost made me sick but the execution in that final segment was so on the money any negative should be quickly ignored. That was brilliant in so many ways, I can't even begin to describe it. The cameramen leaving their cameras on the apron showing only Triple H's feet with the stunned crowd as a backdrop was awesome production work. Simple but incredibly effective. 
  • I honestly thought they may have been building to Jim Ross actually sticking around with Triple H, which would have been the single most ironic occurrence in WWE history. Alas, it was not to be. But his getting booed on the way out? Jesus, Louisiana. Get a hold of yourselves.
  • Oh and Beth Phoenix pleading with Triple H and saying the Diva's were scared would have been fine but she opened by saying, "Triple H ... we're girls." Uh, yeah? Are you saying you're helpless just because you are women? How sad is that? This is what I'm talking about when I complain of sexism and why I can never -- and will never -- take the Diva's seriously. That one line undercuts their very existence. And it was sad to hear so little respect for them.
  • Hey, whatever happened to that CM Punk guy? He still around? Look for part three of my series on the summer of Punk tomorrow. He's been forgotten and it makes me sad.
  • I'm not normally a fan of mixed tag matches, especially one that has 12 different guys in it, but how good was that match tonight? It's a straight up oddity to have 12 different guys perfectly mix together to work some seriously solid ring psychology. I'm most impressed with the fact that it never devolved into some cheap modified clusterfuck like it so easily could have. The finish was also really well executed. I know I can be a grump on here but I always try to give props where they're due. Kudos to all involved in this one. The best part? John Cena wasn't the guy to go over getting the pin. That went to Sheamus.
  • Mark Henry continues to impress with his promos and understated charisma. When he starts screaming into the microphone that he's going to destroy somebody, as a few comments pointed out in the Raw live blog thread, he makes it believable. As in, you really think he might kick the living crap out of someone. The dude is a natural performer and it's so good to see the ratings on Smackdown up from the normal range. I didn't think bringing Smackdown wrestlers over to Raw would make much of a difference because I didn't think the bookers could figure out the best way to use the extra talent but the way they set up Smackdown this week was perfect. I have my questions about a feud between Big Show and Henry and how well it can draw but Randy Orton is sticking around in the periphery, so that should make up for any shortcomings. Well done all around.

More thoughts from the show after the jump.

  • Couldn't keep my eyes off that classic Intercontinental title when Cody Rhodes was on TV. Looks a million times better than the WWE title.
  • Opening the show with a glorified squash match seemed like a funny decision. But it was necessary for Orton, I suppose, to go over big on a jobber like Drew McIntrye, who looks like he put on a few pounds of muscle. Didn't want to be a skinny fat ass anymore, apparently.
  • The brawl with Henry and Orton was well put together but I'm not sure I like Orton getting the better of it despite security holding him back. He looked like the monster in that scenario and not Henry. This should never be the case.
  • John Morrison would be better off in TNA at this point and how sad is it to actually say that sentence. I feel a little dirty having just typed it. It's true, though, because he's still being made to pay for the sins of his girlfriend, Melina.
  • Vickie Guerrero is ridiculously annoying but there is no one on the entire roster that gets the kind of heel reaction that she does. How old is the "Excuse me!" schtick? Like two or three years? Still as over as it's ever been.
  • Santino Marella is back. 'Nuff said.
  • The push of Brodus Clay is about to kick off and I'm not excited for it. He's 31-years-old, extremely limited in the ring and has no chops when he's got the microphone in his hand. You know what he has? Size. Seems a little too much like that's all that matters.

Tonight's show was actually pretty damn good. I'd give it a solid B+ and I'm looking forward to Smackdown just to see how they handle the end of Raw. Trips just got this big vote of no confidence from the entire roster, who walked out on him.

Who the hell is going to show up on Smackdown? The NXT guys? Maybe that's why they kept that show going for so long.

That's it from me, though. Time for you Cagesiders to give your thoughts on the show.

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