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John Cena ditches his jorts in favor of 'military-issued camo'

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In useless news that's still somehow worthy of reporting in the pro wrestling world, the biggest star on the WWE roster, John Cena, is changing his look. That's right, Cagesiders, if you hated the jorts -- and there were an awful lot of fans that did -- you're in luck.

They're gone ... for now.

That's because the artist formerly known as the "Doctor of Thuganomics" says he's putting them in the closet for the time being in favor of his new camo look, which is sure to piss off as many snarky fans as the jorts did (myself not included). From

"The jean shorts, for the moment, have been retired. These are military-issued camo, and I think they will stand out. I have every U.S. Military service branch represented: Army, Marine Corps., Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. I'll be changing it up from time to time. They're always in the closet. Maybe when they come back in style 30 years from now I'll bust them out for the WWE Hall of Fame or something."

Wait ... Cena thinks he's a Hall of Famer? The nerve of this guy. (Okay, yes, he's a Hall of Famer.)

Anyone rejoicing at the fact that we'll no longer have to see the jorts on television each week? Or is Cena's obsession with playing anything related to a marine a bit much for you?

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