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TNA Impact spoilers for show to air Nov. 3: James Storm defends the heavyweight title against Bobby Roode

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TNA is back on the road for its Impact Wrestling taping tonight (Oct. 26) in Macon, Georgia, for the show that will air next Thursday night (Nov. 3).

James Storm, who won the heavyweight title from Kurt Angle on Spike TV last week, defended his title against his former Beer Money tag team partner, Bobby Roode.

Yes, they're already going ahead with a match between the two.

For those that don't want to read spoilers, the result is posted after the jump.

Unbelievably enough, Storm dropped the title to Roode. Here's a bit from PWTorch:

Roode captured the title from champion James Storm in a 16-minute match where Roode turned heel via beer-bottle smash over Storm's head to win the title.

I agree with the decision to turn Roode heel for a feud and match with Storm. But how on Earth is it a good idea to have them do this just two weeks after Storm won the title from Angle?

And what was the point of having Roode lose to Angle at Bound for Glory if he was just going to win the title from Storm a few weeks later?

Cageside commenter Major makes an interesting point:

Vince needs to stop booking the title so weak...errr...hmm..I meant TNA. So someone tell me why Angle went over Roode at the PPV again? Oh you mean Hogan is playing politics with Storm and Roode so their title reigns are short and weak? Sounds about right

Can we rightfully blame Hogan for this, though?

Well, for starters, it was recently revealed that Hogan, as well as Eric Bischoff, are the two who hold all the power within TNA. Indeed, it was the "Hulkster" who put the kibosh on Roode winning the title from Angle at Bound for Glory (BFG). In an interview before the biggest pay-per-view event of the year, Hogan gave a ringing endorsement for Storm while outright saying that Roode is "not the next guy."

So, naturally, Roode lost to Angle at BFG and Storm won the title at the very next Impact.

But how does it make any sense for Storm to turn right back around and lose the title to Roode, who turns heel in the process?

One theory is that Hogan doesn't want a good guy champion overshadowing his babyface turn at BFG. This would seem to be supported by the fact that plans are apparently being laid to have Hogan return to the ring once again alongside Garrett Bischoff for a match against Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff.

It's definitely possible that because of those plans, Hogan and Bischoff decided to hot shot what could have been a huge three month angle into three weeks. Because, again, it might have overshadowed what Hogan was doing in his next babyface run.

All the justification they need for this is the fact that Storm's title win, as we mentioned earlier on Cageside, was the lowest rated segment of Impact on Oct. 20. With spoilers available beforehand, fans already knew the outcome and didn't bother to tune in to witness it for themselves. I speculated as to whether or not this would be a harbinger of things to come and sure enough, it was.

The real losers here are Storm and Roode, who could have had a memorable program -- and may still be able to -- but got their legs cut out from under them by a management team that would rather get themselves over to the detriment of the company.

Thoughts on all this, Cagesiders?

Update -- More spoilers have come out revealing the main event for Turning Point will be Roode defending his freshly won title against AJ Styles.

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