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WWE Survivor Series 2011 match card updated after Oct. 24 Raw

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WWE Survivor Series is just now starting to take shape for the pay-per-view event that is scheduled to take place on Nov. 20 from Madison Square Garden in New York.

Here's what we know after last night's (Oct. 24) episode of Raw:

-- The Rock and John Cena vs. The Miz and R-Truth

Original plans had Rock and Cena teaming up in a traditional Survivor Series style elimination match but it would seem that has changed in favor of promoting the main event of the show being this tag team match. I suppose it makes sense, although I was looking forward to the return to legitimacy of the elimination style match at this event. The biggest issue they had going into this was how they would explain Rock and Cena tagging together. That little hurdle was cleared last night and now it's all systems clear for what should be the second biggest pay-per-view show of the year. Miz and Truth are getting one hell of a rub here, so they really need to take advantage, in particular Truth, who still doesn't feel like a main event level player.

-- Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk for the WWE championship

Reports had this match happening at some point, although it was unclear when, but now we know it will act as the support for the big tag match later in the night. Punk kick-started things by reminding everyone that he never got his one-on-one rematch with Del Rio after dropping the strap to him at SummerSlam. Del Rio responded by calling attention to the fact that Punk hasn't won a match in forever -- which is basically true. Four pay-per-views in a row "The Second City Savior" has been pinned now. Will that streak reach five here? I doubt it.

-- Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

This one isn't confirmed just yet but it's a safe bet that we're getting this match now. Combining this with Rock's return, this show will feel like old times. Whether or not that's a good thing is what's in question here. Nash was quoted as calling Punk out a week ago for how good he really is, saying Punk could prove himself to be "Best in the World" if he could drag Nash's 52-year-old carcass through a 14-minute match on pay-per-view. Apparently, we'll never find out and that responsibility will fall to Triple H instead. We've seen these two work together before and the result wasn't pretty. In fact, their Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood in 2003 was universally panned as one of the worst of its kind. If they couldn't work a solid match that was aided by the cage and Mick Foley as special guest referee, how are they going to work a solid singles match eight years later? I'm guessing stipulations are coming within the next few weeks.

That's it so far, folks. Star power, at least in name value, is what this event will boast but how will it translate on TV? Personally, I love the way this is shaping up. Punk's next title win combined with The Rock's return is plenty of reason to shell out some coin to purchase this show.

Looking forward to this one, Cagesiders?

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