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WWE Raw results and reactions for Oct. 24 Vengeance fallout show

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WWE Raw Supershow tonight (Oct. 24, 2011) emanated from Austin, Texas, and was the first show since last night's Vengeance pay-per-view event.

Before we get to the reactions to the show, it's time to give a shout out to the Cageside commenter who delivered the "Comment of the Night" in the Raw live blog thread. And that honor goes to mariobatalivsmarkhenry, who dropped this gem after Kevin Nash popped Triple H with the sledgehammer while he was on the gurnery -- "Trips strapped to a board sells better than Cena too." Well done, my friend.

If you want full results from Raw tonight, click here for the running live blog. Time to get to reactions from the show:

  • Triple H has officially taken over. We already knew this before but we REALLY know it now. He opened the show and they spent an entire half hour consecutively on his segment with Kevin Nash. I say consecutively because they replayed the segment periodically throughout the night. That's how much focus they put on it. I would have been fine with that if it was a good segment but it really wasn't. Trips is still a monster on the microphone but his sell job for Nash would have been maddening if it wasn't so comical. He only sells like that for his buddies. Punk had to have been shaking his head.
  • Somebody tell the guy who asked if Triple H still had a pulse that he's an idiot.
  • Here's a good way of determining the current pecking order with WWE at any given time -- who appears in the big money timeslots on Raw and where each man goes. The order of the big three slots goes like this: 1. Show open. 2. Show close. 3. Start of the second hour. Triple H opened the show, John Cena closed it and CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio got the start of the second hour. That tells you everything you need to know about who is the most important.
  •  Take note of this day because it's probably the only time I'll ever say this, at least until a heel turn happens -- John Cena was money in his short segment with David Otunga and John Laurinaitis. I mean he was really good. The quick-witted, fast-talking pissed off superstar who just wants to kick some ass is a great look for him. The goofy, child-like comedian is the guy I can't stand. He was good until his match and even then he did okay. He still can't ever remember to sell at the right time but take the good with the bad and all that.
  • That loogie on Cena's face when he announced The Rock as his tag partner was something else, wasn't it?
  • WWE managed to do something terribly right tonight and that was the explanation given for Cena teaming up with Rock. They hate each other and all that but they made it to where Cena agreed to team with him because Miz and Truth will just take him out before the match anyway, just like they did to Zack Ryder tonight. A little flimsy, considering Rock's stature to Awesome Truth's, but it works for what they need it to.
  • All those who are ardent supporters of CM Punk have absolutely nothing to complain about tonight. He was once again in rare form on the mic with someone to make fun of that we all absolutely despise. Not sure if he meant to pay homage to Brian Pillman with the "I respect you, Funkman" line but it came across that way. Either way, he was awesome and I couldn't be looking forward to his ensuing feud with Del Rio for the title any more than I am. Should be awesome.
  • Speaking of Del Rio, there have been a few rumblings that his status as a top heel is in question because he just hasn't caught on with fans. I don't understand this line of thinking at all. He's silky smooth, easy to hate and he has the absolute greatest facial expressions on the entire roster right now. I don't see any reason that his feud with Punk won't become a memorable one.

Thoughts on the rest of the show after the jump.

  • Something rare happened tonight: John Morrison had a match and the guy he went up against didn't look any better than he did going in. That hasn't happened in like six months. Wade Barrett you truly accomplished something with this one. You set the new standard for mediocrity.
  • We still don't know why Randy Orton is so over as a babyface but we got a great example of how over he actually is tonight -- while Sheamus, another top babyface who is being given a gigantic push right now, was working over Cody Rhodes and the fans at the arena started chanting "RKO! RKO! RKO!" That's pretty amazing, especially considering Sheamus' participation in the match. The announcers put over the team of Orton and Sheamus as a strong one, making me wonder if they're not headed for something together at Survivor Series in a traditional match but I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed away from teaming them up in the future just so Orton doesn't overshadow Sheamus anymore than he did tonight. 
  • One of the comments in the Raw live blog took me to task for being such a brute when it comes to the Diva's and their participation in the WWE. I clarified my position there, but I would like to do so again here. WWE treats its women division like utter and complete garbage. They have zero respect for these ladies and, now that Gail Kim has spilled plenty of beans on the myriad ways that the ladies are sabotaged in their matches, it's clear how little respect Vince and company have for them. So why should I -- or any fan, for that matter -- ever waste our time with it? Why shouldn't I take a bathroom break during Diva's matches? I know what's going to happen and half of them can't work. Watching any of them hit the ropes is like watching a monkey try to do long division. It's horrible TV and I, nor you, have to put up with it. What really sucks is there are great women out there who actually can work and, again, when they get to WWE they get handcuffed and end up eaten alive by the sexist machine. As long as they try to feed me crap, I'll keep turning my head.
  • This whole thing between Michael Cole and Jim Ross, bullying bullshit aside, is just bad TV. Showing photoshopped pics of J.R. poking fun of his weight -- really? Having Cole run him down throughout the broadcast during matches -- really? Having announcers so prominently featured in a role other than, uh, you know, actually announcing -- really? Really? It's lame and it's a good reason for fans to change the channel. That's not the goal, Vince McMahon, no matter how much you want to listen to Cole run his mouth and bury J.R.
  • Dolph Ziggler is still a god but why have him go over Santino? Yeah, Marella is a mid-card comedy act but he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Let's try to stay away from having him job to guys I want to cheer, okay? Thanks.
  • For those counting at home, John Laurinaitis got up to two separate botches during his promos tonight. He's rapidly approaching the high mark set by Mike Adamle, who managed to botch seven different lines during one show. It's been so bad, in fact, that I wondered in the live blog thread whether or not Punk was told to tee off on Laurinaitis as some sort of punishment for messing up so many of his lines. I mean, the guy was nothing more than a whipping boy tonight who looked like crap the entire show. Not that that's a bad thing but it felt weird.

Overall, this show wasn't anything special but it wasn't complete garbage, either. I was entertained in plenty of spots, with Punk clowning Laurinaitis and Cena actually making me laugh during his backstage segment. Triple H taking over Raw again sucks but at least he's a great worker.

Oh and The Rock coming back soon is reason enough to put up with whatever crap we don't like.

That's enough from me, folks. Time for you Cagesiders to sound off with all your thoughts from the show in the comments section below. How'd you like it?

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