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Greg Gumbel cuts promo on Hulk Hogan for bashing Tim Tebow during NFL game

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Remember that awesome promo Hulk Hogan cut on Tim Tebow when he was a guest on SportsNation recently?

Click here to refresh your memory.

Well, CBS broadcaster and NFL play-by-play announcer Greg Gumbel was watching and he didn't like "The Chosen One's" name being tarnished by some pro wrestler. 

In fact, he was so perturbed by the "Hulkster," he took time out of his duties during the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals game to cut a little promo of his own.

And it was glorious ... kind of.

I'll let you judge for yourself by watching the video after the jump. As usual, a transcript is included for those that can't watch videos.

Included is an update of Hogan's response from his Twitter account.

"Remember two weeks ago when Hulk Hogan came out and really ripped Tim Tebow? I was thinking to myself -- I must have been out of the country when Hulk Hogan... when people cared what he thought about anything other than play acting in a fake sport."


Gumbel vs. Hogan, Cagesiders, who ya' got? I'll take Gumbel via not having a back that would break in two if he sneezed hard enough.

Hogan responds via Twitter:

"Let Greg Gumbel know he can get in this fake ring with me any time he wants. HH"

This is almost as good as TNA.

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