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WWE Raw results and live blog for Oct. 24: Vengeance fallout

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WWE Raw Supershow comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 24) from the Frank Erwin Events Center in Austin, Texas. This is the first show following the Vengeance pay-per-view last night (Oct. 23) and promises to be good.

Why? Because so many feuds are headed for a new direction.

John Cena was cost the WWE championship by The Miz and R-Truth last night to set up something with those three. Answers are also surely coming for Kevin Nash's return to attack Triple H as well as CM Punk presumably assuming his position opposite Alberto Del Rio for his next program.

And preparations are going to need to start for The Rock to come back ... and Mick Foley, too.

There's plenty to expect and a lot to be hopeful for but no matter what we'll be live blogging the proceedings, so make a note to come back and join us tonight at 9 p.m. ET when Raw kicks off on USA. We always have a good time.


Geno here and I'll see you tonight, Cagesiders.

Broadcast is live. Nickleback making ears bleed all across America.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler put over the superplex from Mark Henry and Big Show last night that broke the gimmicked ring. Then put over John Cena and Alberto Del Rio having their match in the very same broken down ring.

They actually show the jackknife powerbomb from Kevin Nash on Triple H last night. And just like that we hear Motorhead and -- big surprise -- it's time to play the game.

Big pop from the Austin faithful.

He's walking a little slower than normal. I can only imagine this is Trips way of selling the powerbomb last night.

"This is a tough business. I was taught real early ... you can either make friends or you can make money."

We know which one you chose.

Says he's always lived by that credo but he considered himself lucky. Made money and had success in the business but also had his share of friends. He must be talking about Kevin Nash. Really putting over the true friends angle. Brings up Shawn Michaels. Crowd pops big, seeing as they're in his neck of the woods. Drops a Sean Waltman reference and the crowd mildly boos. Brings up Nash and the crowd boos louder.

No Scott Hall, though.

Talks about how he worked his way into a position of power and the friends dropped off. Thought Nash was there all along as a friend but found out he's all about the business, money and power.

Derp derp.

Shows the Kliq sign and says he thought it was forever. Which is funny because this entire angle between these old-timers proves how it is.

Oh my god. "This might sound corny but Kevin Nash broke my heart."

Somebody get him a tissue. This storyline played out exactly like this in 2003, folks. They did this exact friendship storyline. They even involved HBK, who is in talks to come back and get involved in this one. Guess who went over back then? Guess who's going over now?

Trips tells Nash to get out to the ring and says he's going to kick the big man's ass. "Don't hide, be a man, for once in your life."

Enter John Laurinaitis.

"I heard a rumor that Kevin Nash was in Austin, too. I also heard that he was at home." Triple H tells him to shut up and the GM ignores him. Tells Johnny Ace not to walk through the ropes because he's in no mood. Just keeps telling him to shut up.

"Don't embarrass the company. I know you're upset."

"You don't want me to embarrass the company? Shut your mouth."

Triple H reveals that he's still COO, which still doesn't make sense, before telling Laurinaitis that he still works for "The Game" and he needs to take his ass to the back and find Nash. Offer him a contract he can't refuse because if he doesn't, Trips will embarrass the company by getting locked up for what he'll do to Nash.

Drops the mic and walks off while Laurinaitis tells him he's being unreasonable. Once Trips gets to the top of the ramp, "Big Sexy" comes running out with a sledgehammer and blasts Triple H with it. Laurinaitis yells at him. "You're not supposed to be here. Get out of here!"

Security comes out and escorts him off while the medical team attends to Triple H who is selling like he can't breathe and is about to die.

That must piss Punk off.

They cut to the backstage area with Nash walking through, still holding the sledgehammer. Cut to the replay of what just happened. Man, Nash looks fuggin jacked!

Triple H being shown in the back now, selling huge. Says he's okay and then takes a step and collapses before turning over with white shit coming out of his mouth.

When's the last time Triple H sold this big for anyone?

Commercial break.

Back and Cole uses his "this is real" voice and says Triple H is being rushed to a local hospital. Lawler recaps everything that's happened. They once again show the replay and there is nothing to even kind of suggest that Trips should be selling like he's this hurt. Nash hit him on the shoulder, Lawler says he got him on the spine.

Oh geez.

Cut to the back and Nash is at the ambulance telling the medical staff to put Triple H down. Wakes him up by smacking him in the face. Sets him up and drills him in the head with the sledgehammer. A bunch of puny little dorks show up as security.

A member of the medical staff asks if he has a pulse. Seriously. This is when it becomes difficult to defend pro wrestling. "Is he breathing?"

Nope, we just watched an actual death via fake sledgehammer to the skull, live on USA. I don't know about you but I'm making some phone calls, this is an outrage.

Commercial break.

Holy shit, back from break and they're actually recapping this thing AGAIN. We're a half hour into the show already, and the entire focus has been on Triple H and Kevin Nash, to the point of showing three separate replays of something that JUST HAPPENED.

The live crowd gets woken up in a big way with Randy Orton's music hitting the speakers. Huge pop. This one will be a tag team match. And Orton out first? Surprising.

Sheamus out next and he gets a decent little pop. Less than half of what Orton got, though. First plug for Survivor Series and it's heavy on The Rock. Man, I can't wait for that.

Christian out next and he's got no heat left. I think I heard four boos and two of them were from Orton and Sheamus.

Rhodes out next and he's got even less heat.

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Christian and Cody Rhodes -- Christian will start for the heels, Orton for the babyfaces. Early advantage to Christian with some good looking punches. That quickly ends with a big lariat from the corner. Orton tags Sheamus in and Christian tries to run. Orton tosses Christian over to Sheamus, who jumps over the rope for a shoulder block on his way in.


Christian tags out and Sheamus quickly does the forearms spot through the ropes. They're using a new camera gimmick for it, making it look better by having the camera shake while following along with Sheamus' arm. It's actually an improvement.

Commercial break.

The heels dominated during the break, according to Cole. Conveniently enough, Sheamus makes the big return right after they're back on live. Hot tag to Orton and he cleans house. Pair of clotheslines and a power slam. Gutwrench back body drop. All the good stuff.

Rhodes distracts Orton long enough to let Christian do enough to come back to get the tag. Now it's Rhodes working over Orton. Christian comes in for some too and Orton makes his comeback via dropkick with Christian coming off the second rope. While they show the replay, Orton tags in Sheamus, who gets his run as the fresh man. Backdrop gets a two count on Rhodes.

Signals for the Celtic Cross but gets distracted. Misses the Brogue kick and Rhodes hits the Disaster kick. Rhodes goes after Orton to allow Christian to hit the Spear with the ref distracted. Pinfall attempt only gets two. A huge clusterfuck follows that ends with Rhodes taking the Celtic Cross and Sheamus picking up the pin.

Not a bad match at all. The babyfaces pose for the crowd while Cole and King recap what happened last night with Awesome Truth interfering in Cena's WWE championship match.

Cut to the back and Laurinaitis is on the phone. He's talking to Stephanie McMahon, who isn't happy about Triple H getting knocked around by Nash. David Otunga shows up to talk to him and John Cena buries the shit out of him. Cracks a few Fresh Prince of Bel Air jokes at his expense and then he kills Laurinaitis, telling him to set up a match with Miz and Truth.

Ace tells him he'll get his match later on but he'll find a partner for Cena. "As long as he's not carrying a skateboard, it'll be fine."

Walk off into the commercial break.

Let me just say, that was the best Cena I've seen in years. Now let me go puke my guts out for even thinking that.

Back from break and Santino Marella is in the ring. This will be the best part of Raw. Oh no. He's going up against Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Santino Marella -- The Zig man puts in work and just toys with Santino before selling for him like a god after Santino gets his two moves of doom. Zig-zag gets the pin after about two minutes of "action."

Swagger comes in to apply the ankle lock and Mason Ryan comes running out to make the save. Drops Swagger with a lariat and then a big boot off the ropes. Ziggler bailed out and didn't take any of Ryan's offense, thankfully.

It's clear who the next feud is, though. Ugh.

Backstage and Zack Ryder says he's going to be Cena's partner tonight against Miz and Truth.

They plug a "victory speech" from Del Rio up next.

Commercial break.

Back and Ricardo Rodriguez does his thing with the black eye he got from Big Show's big fat fist. Cole puts Del Rio over big as we head into hour number two of the show. Remember when WCW used to do that on Nitro in the late 90s? They made a huge deal out of each new hour. Hell, Raw had two different names. Remember "The War Zone?"


The silky smooth Del Rio puts over his big win last night. After a short promo, CM Punk interrupts to a solid pop. Not like he was getting a few months ago. That's what happens when a guy gets pinned at four consecutive pay-per-views.

Punk is still calling him "Berto." Says it's funny that Del Rio says no one can beat him because Punk has beat him multiple times. Four weeks ago on Raw was the last time, in fact. Punk says he never received his one-on-one title shot after losing the belt to ADR at Summerslam. Does Del Rio have the cajones to have a match with Punk for the strap?

"You're not worthy. You couldn't even win your match at Vengeance last night. To me, that makes you a loser. Why don't you call me when you do something right. Call me when you get a victory, loser."

Eh. Not bad.

Quite, Del Rio, they are chanting his name.


"Maybe I don't deserve the title shot. Maybe I'm at the back of the line. Maybe I'm a loser. And maybe, if you're not willing to give me a title shot, I'll just put you to sleep anyway."

Laurinaitis' voice rings through the speakers. Says he's fed up with this stuff. He's in charge, not Triple H. This crap might have happened before but it's not going to happen on his watch.


Punk tells him to hold the mic closer to his mouth so the people can actually hear him Lawler chuckles lightly. Money.

Laurinaitis sets up the title match at Survivor Series. Punk asks what the catch is because there surely is one.

"There's only one thing you have to do."

Punk cracks a skateboard joke like Cena did. Laurinaitis says I know you don't like me but you need to tell the WWE Universe that you respect me. He botched that line, by the way.

Count it.

"Who are you, Arehta Franklin?"

Punk is great.

"The Second City Savior" bashes Laurinaitis and says this place isn't any better with him in charge. Ace tells him to swallow his pride and just say it. Punk mocks him by mimicking Laurinaitis' voice -- "I respect you, Funkman."

Johnny tells him he's got one more chance. The crowd chants.

Punk finally says it. And then he buries him. Holy shit. He's really killing him. Did Vince McMahon order this for the 48 botches a night from Laurinaitis?

Oh my god, he botched his lines again. Says he'll take another week to think about whether or not Punk deserves a title shot. Punk tells him fine, just think about this while you do and goes after ADR. Doesn't get to the champ but hits the GTS on Rodriguez.

Segment ends and Punk was phenomenal.

Commercial break.

The ladies are out and it's time for my bathroom break.

Don't know what happened but at least Alicia Fox got some face time on TV.

Commercial break.

We're back and John Morrison is out for a singles match. I'm guessing they'll subject him to a beatdown from Mark Henry or something. Nope, it's Wade Barrett, who got zero reaction from the live crowd. At least they cheered for Morrison, despite his burial of the past few months.

Wade Barrett vs. John Morrison -- Shockingly enough, Morrsion starts the match getting the better of Barrett. Didn't last long, as Barrett chucked him into the barricade to roll right into the next ...

Commercial break.

Back and Morrison is still getting tossed. The announcers ackowledge as much and put Barrett's Twitter over for like the sixth time. Lawler is essentially asking for the "mercy rule." That tells you all you need to know about this match. Morrison gets a kickout, though.

Cole goes back to yapping his gums on Jim Ross instead of calling the action.

Morrison makes a comeback in the meantime and gets a two count off a big knee. They plug Morrison trending on Twitter. Go look at what people are saying, folks. Barrett hits a slam and only gets two out of it. Picks Morrison up for the Wasteland but Morrison counters before attempting Starship Pain, which misses. They brawl a bit before a spot where Morrison comes off the ropes and Barrett catches him, which should have lead to Wasteland. He dropped Morrison, though, and had to pick him back up to deliver his finisher.

Pinfall and Morrison loses again.

They show yet another recap of Nash attacking Triple H. What's this like replay number 15? Cole says they have an update. Triple H has a concussion and might even have a broken neck.


Cole takes the mic and stands up on the announce table and starts talking about Jim Ross. Wow. They show a photoshop of Ross' head on various fat people. The crowd doesn't react at all. Cole says he's sick and tired of this whole thing and they'll put an end to it next week.

Doubt it.

Cole says if Ross beats him, he can have his seat back. Because if he loses to J.R. he'll quit.

That stipulation means nothing because it's WWE but good god, I couldn't want anything more than for Cole to get off my TV screen every Monday night.

Commercial break.

Muppets are on Raw next week for Halloween.

Interview with Ryder backstage to ask about how he feels teaming with Cena tonight. He's overly enthusiastic about it ... until Awesome Truth come crash his party by laying him out.

Cue the walkout song with Miz and Truth.

They cut the song first. Miz says there's a revolution on the horizon that Triple H tried to quell but couldn't. Look at Trips now. Truth says he got exactly what he deserved. Miz says he stood up to the arrogance and to the faces of this conspiracy.

"No one will be safe from the Truth."

I like that.

Truth on the mic now and getting the "WHAT?!?!" treatment from the crowd. They bag on Cena for a bit before the next break.

Commercial break.

Justin Roberts informs us after they come back that this will now be a handicap match. Awesome Truth smile but we all just had the same thought -- Super Cena is going over two guys who are supposed to be main event heels.


Big pop for Cena. He flashes the Kliq sign at the camera, probably not thinking about what he was doing.

The match starts with Cena working Miz over, to the point that he just gets beat down until he gets a second to tag out to Truth. And the same thing happens; Truth gets beat on, runs away to make the tag and now Miz is back in.

Miz hits a DDT off a distraction from Truth and now the heels have control. Some stomping in the corner leads to a tag and some double team stomping before Truth works a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Cena powers out with a backdrop that leads to a Truth tag to Miz. The Awesome one comes in getting busy and working over Cena.

Clothesline in the corner is followed by a double axe handle. Cena makes his comeback after Truth tags in but ends up tagging back out to Miz. Five moves of doom time. Cena is wearing the camo shorts again and it's still weird seeing it.

After the five knuckle shuffle, Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but got knocked off by Truth. The bell rings and it's a disqualification because, you know, hell hasn't frozen over yet, so Cena can't lose clean.

Awesome Truth continue to work him over and now they're grabbing chairs. Laurinaitis comes out -- again -- and says he wont' stand for this chaos any longer. Says he wants Miz and Truth to get out. Tells the refs to walk them out. The same refs they were brutalizing just weeks ago.

They actually leave of their own accord. When they get to the ramp Laurinaitis tells them to stop. They'll have a legit tag match and this is where they're going to set up the Survivor Series match.

Cena sells it by saying no matter who he chooses, they'll just get taken out.

Hey, wait a minute.

"If I'm going to beat Miz and R-Truth, my partner is going to have to be someone who's going to bring it. You called down the thunder, well now you got it. My partner is going to be The Rock."

While he said this, a giant loogie comes out of his mouth and lands right below his bottom lip.

The cameras quickly bailed on Cena to show Miz and Truth all upset and when they tried to go back to him, the loogie was still there.

Cut away again.

Finally, he wiped it off and they could fade out.


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