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WWE Vengeance results: Mark Henry and Big Show break the ring (Pic)

Photo via
Photo via

This awesome photo comes via and showcases the ring at tonight's (Oct. 23) Vengeance pay-per-view event in San Antonio after Mark Henry superplexed Big Show and tore it down.

Was it the same thing the promotion did on Smackdown eight years ago with Brock Lesnar and Big Show? It sure was but I would argue it was even better tonight.

Henry, Show and the referee likely combined for over 1,000 pounds. Smashing the ring like that doesn't actually seem that far fetched, especially in the manner in which they did.

The match before the finish was absolutely everything it promised to be and having this finish close it out made it truly special.

Oh and let's just go ahead and admit to the fact that Mark Henry sells better than anyone on the entire WWE roster.

Did anyone think was a lame finish? Or did you enjoy it as much as I did?

To see how it all went down, as well as get the full results from Vengeance, click here to check out the running live blog.

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