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WWE Vengeance results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Oct. 23) from San Antonio

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WWE Vengeance is all set to pop off tonight, Oct. 23, 2011, from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Vengeance below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Mark Henry defending his world heavyweight championship against Big Show, Alberto Del Rio defending his WWE title against John Cena in a Last Man Standing match and CM Punk doing the unthinkable and teaming up with Triple H to take on The Miz and R-Truth.

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Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena to retain the WWE championship
Mark Henry vs. Big Show goes to a no contest
The Miz and R-Truth def. Triple H and CM Punk
Beth Phoenix def. Eve to retain the Diva's championship
Air Boom def. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to retain the WWE tag team championships
Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes
Sheamus def. Christian
Dolph Ziggler def. Zack Ryder to retain the United States championship

Geno here. Looking forward to tonight's broadcast. Remember -- no illegal stream links and let's have some fun, Cagesiders.

Almost showtime, folks.

Broadcast is live. Let's do this thing.

Promo rolls us into a bunch of fireworks. WWE really wants us to know tonight is all about "Vengeance."

They're going to kick things off with the tag title match.

Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger -- Cole does something right and puts Vickie Guerrero over as a great manager for getting her clients a tag title match. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston get a decent pop. The ugly ass tag team belts go a long way in making sure no one cares about what happens to them. Might want to take note of this, WWE.

Kofi kicks things off with Dolph. After some solid offense from Ziggler, Kofi sends him flying through the air with a springboard from the corner. Booker T on commentary taking the heel team to task for having Ziggler out first because it means he's not conserving his energy.


I missed a bit of action in between for a short break that you don't need to know about and the same guys are in the ring. Ziggler tags out to Swagger who hits a shoulder block. HA. Booker tells Cole to shut up. How can you not like this guy?

Meanwhile Swagger is working a sleeper and accomplishing his goal ... on the fans. Kofi gets a hot tag to Bourne and he's in with a hurricanrana. A couple kicks and a pinfall only gets two. Goes for the shooting star press but gets knocked off by Ziggler. Looks for it again and Swagger gets his knees up to counter.

Ziggler in now and a near fall is saved by Kofi. Vickie looks like she's put on weight and I can't imagine what that will mean for her career. Ziggler and Bourne trade roll ups that get two until Dolph hits a lariat. Swagger back in and he's killing this match with various rest holds that have no place.

He gets sent out and the heels work some tag team psychology, teaming up on Bourne. Neckbreaker from Dolph and he smiles at Kofi in the corner. See it's things like that that make me think he's the next big thing. Swagger tags in and my eyes already start drooping. Bourne makes a short comeback but gets thwarted with a scoop slam. Spot in the corner sees Bourne reverse and get the hot tag to Kingston at the same time Ziggler tags in.

Kofi clearing out the ring and comes off the top for the cross body. Holy shit, Ziggler jumped up and into it to make it look even better. THAT WAS AWESOME!

If you don't like Ziggler, you're banned.

SOS from Kofi only gets two thanks to a Swagger save. He gets the ankle lock but Bourne knocks him out. Roll up from Ziggler and it gets two. Trouble in Paradise and Kofi tags to Bourne. Shooting Star Press and that's the match.

Air Boom def. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to retain the WWE tag team championships

Air Boom isn't even done celebrating and Zack Ryder's music hits.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder -- Ryder opens the match by lighting Ryder up. Air Boom is actually staying out at ringside for some reason, maybe to even things up with Swagger and Vickie still on the outside. Ziggler finally answers back with a neckbreaker.

The crowd chants, "LET'S GO, RYDER."

Ziggler goes to the outside and Air Boom picks him up and sends him back into the ring. The referee then stops the action and sends the tag champs to the back.

Are you serious, bro?

Ryder still working Ziggler over. Spot off the ropes leads to a rest spot for Dolph, who looks worn. More chants break out. Jumping elbow from standing by Ziggler and that gets two. Armlock for another rest spot. Cole is actually cracking fat jokes on Jim Ross on commentary. Jesus.

Ryder misses a big kick in the corner and racks himself on the ropes. Ziggler just did Ryder's finisher without anyone noticing and Ryder kicked out of it. That's sadly funny.

Zigs offense doesn't last long and the woo woo woo kick lands this time. Swagger in to distract things and Ryder runs into a superkick that ... uh ... gets the pin. That was a weird finish with little build.

Dolph Ziggler def. Zack Ryder to retain the United States championship

Backstage segment. Punk talking with Ted DiBiase. He bails when Triple H comes into the picture. Trips wants Punk to know he wasn't trying to screw him with the "Immigration problem" on Raw last week. Punk says he knows that someone else is pulling the strings so they're all good.


Cheesy line from Punk to close the promo and the next match is up.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve -- They show an angle they shot earlier in the night with all the Diva's getting into ti in the back during an interview. I still feel nothing for this match. Natalya and Kelly Kelly are banned from ringside, per Cole relaying the message from John Laurinaitis.

Still don't care.

I'm about to just completely boycott writing anything about these matches. Beth put Eve in leg scissors that very clearly wouldn't affect anyone in any way and then proceeded to spend 10 minutes telling her to cry. There is nothing more annoying than listening to these women scream.

I'm sure I'll get bashed for talking noise but I'm missing football for this crap.

Beth Phoenix def. Eve to retain the Diva's championship and no one cared

Backstage interview with Big Show. Matt Striker asks him if he's prepared. Show tells him to ask Henry if he's ready. "Bigger isn't better; better is better." Good one, Show. He recovers by saying it took Henry three seconds to do away with 15 years of failure but it will take the same amount of time for Show to rip it all away tonight. Puts over his fist by showing it alongside Striker's face. The fist is bigger, fyi.

They plug the Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart "Greatest Rivalries" DVD. Must watch.

Christian vs. Sheamus -- They start with Christian smacking Sheamus in the face, which the pasty one responds to by busting him up. Sheamus already doing the spot in the ropes where he forearms the shit out of Christian's chest. Picks him up and holds him for a suplex for like 10 seconds.

The way this match is going, I'm surprised the pinfall attempt didn't actually work. Christian finally gets some offense in with a neckbreaker. And another one.

Cole is STILL going after Jim Ross on commentary. So how many of you are going to say, "Oh, it's just part of the storyline, who cares?" This is just Vince telling Cole to rip on Ross for no reason at all. After J.R.'s comments this past week, I don't have near the sympathy but it's just old to hear Cole continue to run his mouth for no reason. Not what I pay for.

Back to what's actually going on in the ring and Christian is getting the better of Sheamus until he gets caught in midair on a cross body and thrown backwards. Near fall follows. Sheamus sent to the outside and Christian celebrates in the ring. Shoulder block coming back inside.

After some back and forth action both guys reverse each other's finishers before Christian gets caught by the Irish Curse. Two count. Sheamus does his version of the hulk up and goes for the Brogue kick but takes the Spear. Extremely close fall follows.

Christian hits an awesome hurricanrana off the top rope and goes for the Spear after but runs right into the Brogue kick and that's all she wrote.

Sheamus def. Christian

Backstage and David Otunga is talking with Laurinaitis. Miz and Truth show up and thank Johnny Ace for reinstating them. He's doing a much better job and has created a much safer working environment. They ask why they were reinstated. Laurinaitis cracks a joke and says they suck up well.

Miz makes fun of Triple H's way of talking. Says CM Punk sucks so bad that Booker T calls him a "SUCKAAAAAAA."

They just cut an entire promo around the word suck. Lame. They're next, though.

Triple H and CM Punk vs. Miz and R-Truth -- They air what had to be a 10 minute promo. This walkout song with Miz and Truth was good the first two times. It's about as cool as Vanilla Ice now.

Guess which one of the babyfaces came out first? Punk, of course, who got a decent pop but nothing like he should have.


They plug Survivor Series at the Garden and man, that's going to be a fun show. Been begging for a smart crowd for months now.

Triple H gets the biggest pop of the night so far. It's kind of funny that Trips calls Punk a "skinny fatass" when I believe that's how he looks in bodybuilder vernacular. Whatever, though.

Miz and Punk start things off. Punk traps Miz in the corner and Triple H reaches over the top rope and smacks him in the head. Punk quickly tags in "The Game" and Miz just as quickly tags Truth in.

Trips works him over and does the spot in the corner with Punk putting his boot on the turnbuckle and Triple H sending Truth's head flying into it before the tag. Love that. Punk works Truth for a short time before he tags in Miz and Punk sends Miz into Triple H's boot in return before tagging him in and executing a double suplex.

Triple H locks in the figure four and the crowd responds with "WOOOOO."

Man, this is basically a burial right now. Punk helps Triple H with the figure four a few times before tagging him in and working Miz over some more. I'm not sure the heels have gotten any offense in. Finally, Miz pops Punk and sends him over to Truth, who does the same. Tag to Truth and he's in working Punk over now. I guess Punk's the guy who will take the beating leading to the hot tag to Triple H.

Big surprise.

Suplex from Punk sets up both guys down and looking for tags. Punk gets the tag and Trips is cleaning house. Spinebuster on Truth before sending both guys out on a clothesline over the top rope. After he goes to the outside they set up Miz working him over while Truth distracts the referee. Back into the ring they go and now it's Triple H getting beat on to lead to the Punk hot tag.

So maybe Trips is actually treating Punk like a real ally here, giving him receipts left and right.

Truth works a sleeper while the crowd chants for Triple H. "Spinning corkscrew elbow that almost popped the top on Triple H," says Booker T.

Now it's Miz in with a high knee on "The Game." Turns that into a sleeper. The heels go back and forth working Triple H over before he finally makes a comeback with a backdrop on Truth. Miz tags in and gets hit with a lariat while Punk shouts at him for the tag. Scissors kick from Truth misses and Triple H hits a DDT. Finally gets the hot tag and Punk is cleaning house now.

Does the knee spot in the corner and bulldogs Truth while he's clotheslining Miz. That was nice. Scoop slam on Miz and he smiles at the hard camera before going up for the elbow drop. Truth interferes and Triple H gets a hold of him and sends him out.

Elbow drop. RIP Macho Man.

Punk taunts Miz with the GTS sign and there's Kevin Nash. On the outside, Nash from the crowd hit Triple H and Punk gets distracted, which allows Awesome Truth to hit Punk with their finisher and get the pin on Punk.

Nash is still on the outside going after Triple H. Nash looks good, moving around well. Nash rolls Trips into the ring and he's working him with knees in the corner. Wow, Nash looks like he's in awesome shape. Punk is suddenly nowhere to be found. Jackknife powerbomb from Nash and he leaves Triple H laying in the ring before walking back out through the crowd.

"Why? Kevin, why'd you do it?", asks Booker.

Are we really leading to another feud with Nash and Triple H? Is it 2003 again?

Triple H walks out selling an arm injury and the announce team treats it like it's legit. They show Lauriniatis in the back and he's on the phone saying he knows what happened and he'll take care of it. Alberto Del Rio is telling him ADR should be his top priority.

Puts over Cena as a guy who can absorb a lot of pain so it's not fair to have a Last Man Standing match with him. Are you kidding me with this? "You're right, John, I'll find a way to win. That's why I'm the WWE champion and John Cena isn't."


Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes -- I can't get over how happy I am that they brought back the white Intercontinental title. Such a beautiful belt. Bathroom break for me, Cagesiders. Be back in a sec.

Okay, back, sorry about that. Rhodes hits a sweet dropkick and covers but only gets two. This crowd is fuggin dead as a doornail right now. What a horrific waste of a pay-per-view destination. WWE brings up a graphic telling us Kevin Nash and Awesome Truth are trending on Twitter. Rhodes channels Chris Jericho and works the Walls.

On a side note, CM Punk just tweeted the following:

"Fake tanner is for pussies."

You got it, champ.

Rhodes misses a moonsault off the top rope and Orton makes his comeback. Consecutive clotheslines leads to the power slam. Big dropkick from Orton as Rhodes came off the top gets a two count. Disaster kick from Cody gets two.

Orton looks for the DDT off the ropes but Rhodes works through it only to get hit with a backbreaker, which gets a two count. Another moonsault from Rhodes actually lands and that only gets two. Knee off the top misses and that looked like it hurt. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes after a distraction from one of his baggers but only gets two out of it.

Now Rhodes is mocking Orton by punching the mat like Randy does just before the RKO. So, of course, "The Viper" hits him with a dropkick before hitting the DDT off the ropes spot. Rhodes motions for a bagger to help him out but that fails and Orton hits the RKO for the 1-2-3.

Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes

Oh yes, time to plug The Rock's return. For the first time in seven years, "The Great One" graces us with his presence at a pay-per-view in which he'll actually wrestle. The Garden is going to be fuggin insane that night. Unlike this donk crowd in San Antonio.

World title match up next, meaning John Cena will close another pay-per-view.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show -- The real main event is up now. Henry shows off the belt to Show before the match starts and they jaw back and forth. The Big Gold Belt is on the line, folks.

They lock up and Henry throws Show off before they lock up again. Henry gets the better of him the second time, too, but Show just beats him up with punches until "The World's Strongest Man" rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Show throws Henry in the ring and hits a superkick and Henry goes right back out. Walks over and demands his title before trying to walk off. Show stops him, of course, and they get back in the ring. Henry blasts Show's leg before hitting a straight slam. That looked damn good.

Henry keeps working Show's leg and this is how they'll get through this match. Plenty of rest spots. Super slow paced match. They stare at each other from across the ring before running into each other like a couple of bulls.

See, they might not be able to do as much as the smaller guys but that kind of psychology and storytelling is priceless.

They trade punches with Big Show getting the best of it. He picks Henry up and slams him. Calls for the Chokeslam and he hits it but Henry kicks out at two. Show looks at his hand and makes a fist. Before he can hit the champion, though, he gets kicked and boom, World's Strongest Slam.

Oh, hell no, Show kicked out. Henry is in disbelief as Booker tells us no one has ever kicked out of that finisher.

Oh dear god, Henry's going to the top rope. Show grabs him up and chokeslams him off the top and Henry kicks out again!!

How great is this?

Oh, man, now Big Show goes up top. Oh shit, Henry goes up too. They're going to go for the superplex. They hit it and the ring collapses, shades of Brock Lesnar. The crowd finally acts like they're at a show and gets nuts. Both guys are down. A "HOLY SHIT" chant breaks out.

They bring doctors out and Henry is selling like he's been shot. Show is lying around like he's knocked out.

Seriously, this is phenomenal.

They bring out the gurney and that kind of kills some of the heat. They roll slow motion replays with the announcers talking in their "he's really hurt" voices.

John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long come out and the crowd boos emphatically. The Big Show rolls over and acts like he just woke up and the crowd cheers like it was legitimate. Good stuff.

This will be the greatest match ever if the two big men get up and finish the match. They don't, though, and the crowd cheers as Show goes out on the cart. They bleep Show saying "shit." Isn't this pay-per-view? Henry's turn to kill some more time on his way out.

HA. Henry throws everyone off while they're trying to help him. "I don't need no help." Fans are telling Henry he sucks as he goes out. The rest of the crowd cheers. Laurinaitis gets on the mic and tells us who he is and what he does here at WWE. Blows his lines AGAIN! "No matter the status of this ring, I'm going to give you what I want. ... err ... I'm going to give you what you want."

Go get punched in the throat box so we don't have to listen to you talk anymore, guy.

Promo for the WWE title match and this will be absolutely epic if they do it with the busted ring.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena -- Del Rio comes out first and I hate WWE for doing dumb shit like that. The champion comes out last every time no matter what. That's how it's supposed to be. Cena comes out wearing a shirt that says "Rise Above Hate."

Then rise above me, John, because I hate your stinkin' guts.

He comes rushing down like he's going to jump in the ring like normal and stops short. HA. Stands next to a fan at ringside that has a shirt that says "We hate Cena."

Cole puts Cena over big saying he has the advantage because he "never gets rattled. He's adaptable." Give me a break.

The match finally starts and Del Rio uses Ricardo Rodriguez as bait and lures Cena in to work him over. Hits a suplex in the broken down ring and the ref counts to three before Johnny boy gets back up. My only problem with these matches is how slow the refs count. It's like Mike Chioda wants to get himself over by counting as emphatically as possible and drawing as much attention to himself as he can. 

The duel Cena chants break out and I'm now convinced that there are folks who buy tickets to WWE events just to to do that chant.

WWE tells us "Rise Above Hate" is trending now on Twitter. I guarantee there are less than 10 good things being said about it.

Scoop slam and an elbow from Cena. Another one. Another one. They battle back and forth until Del Rio hits another suplex that leads to another count from the referee.

This time I counted and he went a full three seconds in between each number. Cena looks for the Attitude Adjustment but gets reversed into a neckbreaker. Another count from the referee. This is the most annoying gimmick match ever.

Cena breaks out the five moves of doom. Del Rio responds with a German suplex.

I seriously want to junk punch this ref for counting so damn slow.

Cena hits a gutwrench suplex and the ref starts counting Del Rio. Doesn't get past five before ADR pops up and hits a backbreaker on Cena so he can get counted out. Del Rio actually goes over and picks him up at three, probably to stop the annoying ass referee. Chioda, you're horrible.

He puts Cena under the steel ring post and stomps on him. The ref counts again and at four, Cena starts getting up. Gets to his feet at eight, just as Del Rio gets in the ring. AA from Cena and both guys get counted. Cena goes for another AA but Rodriguez makes the save.

Sleeper hold from Del Rio now. Cena is doing the spot with Cena's arm so we can see that he's out. 10 count starts with Cena acting like he's cold. Magically, Cena wakes up at five. This guy is seriously unreal. Del Rio gets launched to the outside barricade where the ropes used to be. That was impressive.

Del Rio sends Cena into the steel steps on the outside. Superman recovers long enough to rack Rodriguez on the steel post and he sells it like a king. Slick spot from Del Rio where he went face first into the very same post off a trip.

They continue to battle it out in what's been a very good brawl now that they've moved the match around. They work all the way to the backstage area and into the prearranged interview spot. Del Rio knocks over each one of the four sheet posts and puts them on top of Cena. This is how the match is ending?

Of course not, Superman Cena battles out of the rubble. They're into an  area that's dark as all hell now. Back they come into the arena. Cena makes his comeback and conveniently forgets to keep selling. Del Rio sends him through the cheaply constructed "V" prop at the entrance.

While Cena lays out, Del Rio sets up a table. Puts Cena on top of it and tries to climb up a prop but gets knocked off through the table. He gets up before the referee gets to 10, though.

They finally make their way back to the actual ring and Cena gets sent flying over the announcers table and into the announcers. Cena recovers quick, as always, and sends Del Rio into the barricade.

They set up a spot off the top of the steel steps and Cena hits Del Rio with the AA onto the Spanish announce table. The referee doesn't start to count, though, because Miz and R-Truth come running out and attack Cena. They hit their finishers before walking out and the referee starts counting finally. Del Rio is back to his feet and now it's just Cena being counted.

Cena gets up at nine. Dear Miz and Truth: We have no respect for your finishers. Signed, WWE Management.

Del Rio rushes in and hits Cena with the belt to start another count. Anticlimactically enough, this one works and Del Rio keeps the strap.

Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena to retain the WWE championship


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