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Tyson Tomko will enter WWE sponsored rehab after being released from jail

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In an update to a bizarre story revolving around Tyson Tomko's recent arrest for robbery and shooting up in a Chili's bathroom, the former WWE superstar has been released from jail.

And, thankfully, he's entering WWE sponsored rehab.

His attorney, James McCune, recently stated his intentions (via The St. Augustine Record):

"Mr. Tomko realizes he is struggling with an addiction and with the support of his family and the WWE, he is voluntarily checking himself into an undisclosed treatment facility to receive the help he needs for a successful recovery. Mr. Tomko wishes to put this incident behind him and move forward and lead a healthy and productive life. He and his family ask for privacy during these difficult times."

Tomko obviously has a serious drug problem, as evidenced by the sordid details of his insane stunts before his arrest. On Oct. 10, he entered a CVS Pharmacy and demanded all the oxycodone they could give him. After he was obliged, he went to a local Chili's restaurant and asked for a spoon, disappearing with it into the bathroom.

When the cops found him, he had needle marks with blood dripping down his arm. The drugs, though, were nowhere to be found and according to the police report, he used a syringe to inject the contents of 178 15mg pills.

While he was being led away, Tomko admitted to having a major drug problem, as if that wasn't already obvious. He posted $7,500 bond Thursday (Oct. 20) and immediately agreed to check himself into rehab. We all know the various instances rehab has failed to do a thing for abusers who are so enmeshed in their addiction but let's hope Tomko becomes a success story.

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