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Scott Hall E:60 story on ESPN update: No longer on speaking terms with his son

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Just this past Oct. 19, ESPN aired its E:60 documentary special on former WWE and WCW superstar Scott Hall and his utter and complete fall from grace. It was a powerful piece that showcased the dramatic decline of a man who fell prey to far too many vices throughout his troubled career living on the road.

Hall's drug problems are bad enough that Stephanie McMahon claimed WWE had spent well into the six figures on rehab treatment for him, none of which has taken. He's relapsed every time, each time seemingly worse than the one before it.

In the E:60 video, Hall expressed a want to get better and one of the ways he was going to go about doing so was to help his estranged son make his way into the wrestling business. It was a happy ending to a terribly tragic story.

Unfortunately, as TMZ is reporting, it didn't last long:

But Scott's ex-wife Dana tells TMZ, the reunion in May barely lasted a month -- and once again, the two are no longer on speaking terms.

We're told Cody gave up on his dad due to "constant verbal abuse from Scott while he was binging" -- and he soon moved back home with his mom.

Dana tells us, Cody simply felt it was "too hard seeing his dad in that kind of state." We're told Cody has no current plans to continue wrestling. Scott's rep had no comment.

The vicious cycle of abuse is terribly difficult to break and in this case, it looks as though there is little hope that Hall will manage to ever truly get his life back on the right track.

It's remarkably sad, mostly because of how utterly hopeless it all feels.

As his good friend, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, stated in the video (which you can watch by clicking here), "I've been preparing for Scott's death for like the last year and a half."

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