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Hulk Hogan talks heat with Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin (Video)

I really can't see how anyone can watch this video and not do one of two things -- shake your head or laugh uncontrollably, maybe even both. Hogan's tall tales never end.

He continues to claim that he never agreed to job to Bret Hart back in 1993 after stealing all his heat at WrestleMania 9 by pinning Yokozuna for the WWE championship in all of 21 seconds following Hart's match with him. Hogan was on his way out from the company just before the big steroid trials and misinformation still abounds regarding the entire situation.

In this interview, Hogan maintains that he and Vince McMahon worked it out that he would drop the strap back to Yokozuna at King of the Ring, which is what happened, but McMahon apparently told Hart that Hogan would put him over big later on in a "passing of the torch" type of moment.

"The Hulkster" admits in the video, which is what was always said for years, that he didn't feel like Hart was a main event level player and didn't want to drop the belt to him.

You should be shaking your head at that point.

When you would start to laugh uncontrollably is when he utters these words and this is actually a direct quote:

"I always put over anybody they ask me to put over. I think most of my WCW run was doing jobs."

Hi, Hulk? Yeah, I've got half the WWE roster, 75-percent of the WCW roster and everyone in TNA on line one.

The work never ends.

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